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Best Electric Crepe Makers

Crepes are the French version of Pancake. Instead of thick and fluffy, Crepes are paper thin and stuffed with a wide assortment of fruits and other confectionery. However, making crepes are not that simple. Do it wrong and the texture will be thick and tough. Making perfectly thin crepe is an art of sort. Luckily, electric crepe makers make life simple. Instead of trying to figure out pans and heat, electric models take a lot the guess work out. The best electric crepe makers have a lot of similarities with a traditional pan and stove model. But the easiest to use are the inverted type.

What is a Electric Crepe Maker?

There are two type of Electric Crepe Makers. One is the griddle model. This is a round top that heats up via electricity. You will find them in either nonstick or carbon steel model. What they offer is portability and temperature control. To make crepe, you pour the batter on and spread it evenly. The other type of Electric Crepe Makers are the inverted model. You plug in the device and heat it up.

How to Use Electric Crepe Makers

For the Griddle type of Crepe Maker. Start by preheating the unit. Once its up to temperature, pour in the batter and use a Crepe Spreader. Try to make it as thin as possible without tearing. Once the bottom is browned, use the flipper and cook it briefly.

For the inverted model, plug in the unit and heat it up. Grab a separate plate and fill it with batter. Once the device heats up, invert it and dip it into the batter and lift. The heated pan will solidify the crepe and you will have a perfectly round crepe. These are the easiest to use and can churn out quite a bit in no time. The only downside is that the end results are not as good as the other unit.

Pan vs Electric Crepe Makers

The main benefit that you get from electric model is ease of use. You set a temperature and when its ready the light will heat up. With pans, the temperature will vary and your result will depends on your skill level. For those who are experience in making crepes, pans wins hands down. You have better control of the temperature and they generally last longer. However, for novices and convenience, you cant beat electric. They work anywhere with electricity and you can even use it for catering. I just question their durability.

Best Electric Crepe Makers List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Electric Crepe Makers on the market. There are a few models and variation. Choose one that best suits your need.

Waring Commercial WSC160X Heavy-Duty Electric Crepe Maker, 16″, Stainless Steel (Best Overall)

For the Professional in your life, this commercial unit by Waring cannot be beat. Its heavy duty construction and stainless steel lining means that it will last a lifetime. One downside is the skill necessary. Since stainless steel stick, you need to learn when to lift and turn. Else wise the crepe will tear. But once you master that, you cannot beat the durability of it. Since its meant for professional, be aware that it cost quite a bit more.

NutriChef Electric Crepe Makers Nonstick 12-Inch (Best Buy)

This model by Nutrichef is affordable and effective. You can use it right on your table with a simple turn of the knob. The green light indicator will tell you when the pan is hot enough. Whats great about this set is that it comes with a crepe spreader and turner. You dont have to buy your own. Whats bad about this model is that there is a lip. They get in the way of making crepe. The benefit is that you can use it to make other food, it helps hold in the grease.

Moss & Stone Crepe Maker (Easiest to Use)

Moss and Stone Crepe Maker uses a inverted type of design to make crepe. All you do is heat it up and dip it into the batter. The nonstick coating ensures that its easy to remove. There is even a light indicator telling you when its ready. Remember to keep the bowl, its design to fit the crepe maker. While you can use other bowls, its a lot easier with the one that comes with it.


Electric Crepe Makers are a good alternative to the traditional pan. They tell you when its ready and you can cook pretty much everywhere. The best of the best are the commercial unit. Warring makes a good model and they are built to last. However, cheaper models like the one by nutrichef is a good alternative. They’re affordable and work for most family. The easiest to use units are the inverted one. All you need to do is heat it up and dip it in the batter. All of these units work, it just depends on your cooking style.

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