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Best Food and Fine Mesh Strainer

The Best Food and Fine Mesh Strainer has excellent balance, wont rust and strains easily. While most strainers looks the same, they are not always equal. You want one that will rest on the bowl without falling down. Something that is easy to clean and something that wont loose its shape. While I personally find Rosle to make one of the best strainer. What matters to me might differ from other people. Below, you will find a guide to help you find the best fine mesh strainer.

Rosle Fine Mesh Strainer

Rosle Fine Mesh Strainer
Country of ManufacturerChina
HandleRound handle and comfortable. The balance is good and stays on the opening of the container.
Capacity2 Liter
Material18/10 stainless steel
StrainerDough and Durable, holds its shape when pressed on. It is also tightly woven to get one of the finest strains.
ThoughtsThis is one of the best trainers out there. It is tough and comes with a lifetime warranty. The 18/10 stainless steel ensures that it wont rust when in use. Overall, you cant go wrong with it. It just cost a lot…
Reviewed CookwareRösle Stainless Steel Round Handle Kitchen Strainer, Fine Mesh, 9.5-inch

Winco Fine Mesh Strainer

Winco Fine Mesh Strainer
Country of ManufacturerChina
HandleWire Handle With Wood Center, Has two helper Hooks. Overall good balance and stays on the container.
MaterialStainless Steel
StrainerGenerally tough but not as durable as the one from Rosle. However, it holds it shape and can take abuse. The mesh is fairly fine and should strain most finer particles.
ThoughtsWinco Strainer is used a lot in the restraunt industry. It is built to be cheap and take abuse. While it lacks the fit and finish of the Rosle Model, it is also a fraction of the price. This is a great choice if you just want a cheap strainer.
Reviewed CookwareWinco MS3A-8S Strainer with Single Fine Mesh, 8-Inch Diameter

Cuisinart Fine Mesh Strainer

Cuisinart Fine Mesh Strainer
Country of ManufacturerUnspecified
HandleHorrible Wire Handle Design. But it has a good balance to it. It wont fall off like one with a heavy handle./td>
MaterialStainless Steel
StrainerMediocre strainer. It is weak and deform easily. While it is fine, dont expect it to last very long.
ThoughtsA generally poor construction. The reason why I included it is because of its price. You can use the small one as a tea strainer. You also get three of them. If you need something cheap and functional, this is the way to go. They arent as good as the others though.
Reviewed CookwareCuisinart CTG-00-3MS Set of 3 Fine Mesh Stainless Steel Strainers

Things to Look for in a Fine Mesh Strainer


One of the sign of a good Food Strainer is how strong the mesh is. Some brands will actually deform just by pressing it. That is usually a sign of a poorly woven strainer. Other brands like Rosle will maintain it shape even under pressure. Overtime, the mesh will tear and break. This is also a sign of a bad quality steel. They tend to rust and basically become useless.


Some of these Fine Mesh Strainer uses horrible handle. The worst is the wire handle. It is uncomfortable and will leave marks on your hand. They usually do this to save on cost. The less metal and weight it has, the cheaper it is to make and produce. Comfortable handle are usually rounded and feel comfortable when held. The other end of the handle should also have a latch that will stay on the pot.


Balance of the Food Strainer is also important. You want something that will stay still on the pot. If the handle is too heavy, it can tilt over or not even stay in place. This is very important if you have a large heavy pot of liquid. The last thing you want is for all your hard work to spill on the floor.

Mesh Fineness

Some Mesh has really large holes. They will not catch all the sediment that you typically want strained. To get a similar effect, you would have to use a Muslim cloth. But using that will strain too much stuff and you now have something extra to wash.


Typically you want something that is bigger than smaller. There is more versatility out of it. But the smaller strainers are great if you are straining things for drinks and jars. The bigger one don’t typically fit on smaller opening.

Best Fine Mesh Strainer

Best Food and Fine Mesh Strainer Thoughts

The Best Food and Fine Mesh Strainer depends on your needs. If you want the best of the best, go with Rosle. But they are pretty pricey. However, I find the best value one to be the one from Winco. It is comfortable and has reasonable durability. If you just want something cheap, go with Cuisinart. It comes as a set of three and it works just fine. It just lacks the fit and finish of the other brands.

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