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Best Honey Jar and Dipper Stick

Honey is nature natural sweetener. Its healthy and antimicrobial. There have been instances of it being discovered hundreds of years later and it was still edible. You can eat it pancakes, waffles, tea and many other drinks. One of the best way to store it is with a Honey Jar and Dipper. These containers look perfect on the dinning table or even kitchen. The Best Honey Jar and Dipper is easily accessible and unsealed. But for long term storage, sealed jars are better. This prevents bacteria from getting in.

What is a Honey Jar or Honey Dipper?

A Honey Jar is a jar that stores honey. Technically you can use any jar, but usually, there will be a cut out to accommodate the honey dipper.

The Honey Dipper is the wooden circular spoon that you always see in the honey nut cheerio commercial. Most have no idea why its even used. Its simple, they are designed to drizzle honey. The circular indentation lets you swirl the honey dipper so that it doesn’t drip. While they can be made of different material, the porous nature of wood lets it cling onto the honey better.

Using the Honey Dipper Stick

To use the Honey Dipper Stick, simply remove it from the jar. Twirl it as you raise it so that it comes a circular glob of honey. If you see it dripping midway, then twirl it again to stop it.

You can store the honey dipper stick in the jar, even with honey. However, I would avoid touching any food with it. If you do, then you should wash it to prevent bacteria from growing.


If you accidentally drop or touch it with food, then rinse thoroughly and use soap to clean it. Let it air dry completely, do not use the dishwasher. The influx of moisture can cause it to split and crack. It should be noted that honey dipper sticks are wear item. Even in honey, it will eventually wear out. Thats why it usually comes in a set. The glass one are more durable but less effective.


There are a few different material you can choose from for the stick. The wooden one are the most traditional and best looking. If you can, spring for a olive wood one for its natural beauty. Wood are porous so it will cling onto the honey better. The glass one will last longer then the wood model if you are careful and they are easier to clean. But they do break if you accidentally hit it.

Stainless Steel Honey Dipper Sticks are the most durable and easiest to clean. However, due to its hardness, it can easily shatter the honey jar. There are trade off to each model.

Silicone is a good mid point. Its soft on the jar and it holds a good amount of honey. The plus side is that it wont deteriorate and you can wash it easily.

Best Honey Jar and Dipper Stick List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Honey Jar and Dipper Stick. There are a few option to choose one. The good thing is that they all pretty much work. Get one that you think looks best.

Le Creuset Stoneware Honey Pot with Silicone Dipper, 16 oz., Dijon (Best Overall)

Theres no other kitchenware like Le Creuset. Their ceramic pot comes in their iconic color with the best being the Dijon yellow to match bees. The dipper is covered in silicone so that its soft on the pot and easily washable. You can easily find Replacement Sticks on amazon as well.

Beehive Crystal Honey Jar (Best Glass Model)

This Glass Honey Jar looks like a beehive and unlike other model its sturdy. It uses a thick heavy glass so that it will resists impact unlike the other flimsier model. When you fill it with honey, it has a natural sparkle to it. Interesting enough, the dipper stick is made of wood. The manufacturer of this jar is Godinger and they specialize in many precious metal gift ware, perfect if you want to give this as a gift.


If you eat honey regularly, having a honey jar and dipper is a good idea. It lets you pour and drizzle honey with more jar. For the honey stick, there are a lot of option. But I personally like the olive wood model. But for the Jars, you have ceramic and the glass jar. I think the Le Creuset model is great, but the Godinger glass model is neat as well.

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