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Best Drink Stirrers and Swizzle Stick

Ever notice how sugar pools on the bottom. You start drinking your coffee then bam, its all sugary. Thankfully, you can fix this with a simple Drink Stirrers. While Drink Stirrers are not the official name, its much more common than the term swizzle stick. They come in a wide variety of shape and material. However, the best Drink Stirrers and Swizzle Stick are those made out of bamboo. But if you want some class, go for glass.

What are Drink Stirrers for?

The main purpose of a Drink Stirrers is to stir drinks. Usually when you are out and about, you do not have access to a spoon. A Drink Stirrer is a great way to mix your drink. Its often given when you buy a cup of coffee.

Some Coffee Drink Stirrers have straw like shape. While you can technically use it, I do not recommend it. A sudden burst of hot coffee can burn your mouth.


Most people associate these sticks with the plastic variety. You can get them at almost any fast food shop. Every once in a while you will find the wooden one. Some use regular, other use bamboo.

Because of environmental concern, I generally recommend that people stick with the bamboo variety. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. They can be easily renewed and recycling is not much of an issue.

Plastic on the other hand takes hundreds to thousand of year just to decompose. Using the wooden bamboo one is much better on the planet. You wont add more to the landfill. However, some customer just need plastic, so its best to have both option.

There are also glass models that give cocktails a bit of class. Honestly, these are really neat. The chilled drink with the glass stirrer just ties everything together. Its just that its fragile.

Are Plastic Stirrer Safe?

Yes, most plastic stirrer are BPA free. Some are individually wrapped others arent. Its great to prevent any sort of contamination. But most customer wont notice a difference.

Swizzle Stick Styles

For these plastic models, there are quite a few different variation. They are usually found in cocktails. One of the more popular one is the little swords. They are great for stabbing olive and eating it. Other have a little lollipop shape just for a fun look. Some are even flamingo.

Drink Stirrers and Swizzle Stick List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Drink Stirrers and Swizzle Stick. There are quite a few option available. Get one that best suits you.

Mini Skater 5.4 Inch Bamboo Coffee Stirrers Eco Friendly Biodegradable Stir Sticks for Tea Hot Cold Beverages (Best Wooden Model)

These drink stirrer by Mini Skater is made with Bamboo. That means its safe for the environment and you dont have to feel guilty about using plastic. This stick comes in at 5.4 inch so its perfect for the smaller cup.


These Swizzle Sticks are hand blown and made completely of glass. The weight and the feel gives cocktail a high end feel. It comes in a few different animal shape so its perfect for just about cocktail. Its also nice when you are on the beach.

Coffee Stirrers Sticks, Disposable Plastic Drink Stirrer Sticks, 1000 Stirrers, One Of The Primary Bar Accessories For Drinks (Best Plastic Drink Stirrer)

If you need something light and easy to store, this generic model is best. It unwrapped so it cuts down on the use of plastic. It also have a wide range of color. You can choose one that suits your kitchen decor. Its BPA Free so it toxic free.

Drink Stirrers and Swizzle Stick Thoughts

A Swizzle Stick is perfect for mixing drinks. There are disposable and reusable models. For cocktails, the glass models are the best. It feels nice and gives a nice clink to cups. But for things like Coffee, consider the plastic and wooden one. I personally prefer the bamboo model because its biodegradable and cause the least amount of damage to the planet. But plastic are preferred by some people.

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