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Best Induction Burner Cooktop

Perhaps the one thing more important than a pan is the burner. A powerful and even heating burner can make all the difference. Traditional burner uses gas and generate fire. They are still consider the go to choice. However, electric burner are more convenient and compact. You can use it anywhere and if giving the right situation, can be more powerful than a gas stove. The Best Induction Burner Cooktop can draw a at least 1800 watts of power and has easy to use controls.

What is a Induction Burner Cooktop

Traditional hot plate uses resistance to heat up coils. The heated coils then transfer heat to the pan. Induction Burner uses a magnetic oil to create resistance to heat up the pan. They offer a much quicker and more even rate of heating. Spotchy heat spots is a less of an issue like those from gas or electric coil.

Since Induction Burner relies on magneticisim, induction Burner with coils that matches the pan will result in better results. You also need a pan that has a magnetic pull. Aluminum or copper wont work on it. Cast Iron, Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel works just fine. You can test to see if a pan is compatible with a magnet. If it sticks, then it works.

Are Induction Cooktop Better than Gas

Yes and No. The reason why its better is because the energy is concentrated. Wherever there is a magnetic pull, that is where the heat is concentrated. For Electric Coil and Gas, the heat escapes into the air making it less efficient.

Another reason why its faster is because of the huge amount of power draw it pulls. However, in America, the power draw is limited to 1800 watts. You need a modified power outlet to draw more than 1800 watts, those are reserved for commercial burner.

How Fast will a Induction Burner boil water?

These commercial burner will boil water in minutes. Where as the portable unit will take 15-20 minutes. The good thing that for regular cooking, 1800 watts is good enough.

How to Use

Using a induction burner Cooktop can be a little confusing. What throws most people off is not using a compatible pan. As stated before, you need a pan with a magnetic pull. Without it, the stove wont work. Once on, set the temperature and push the power button. The power will cycle on and off once it reaches the appropriate temperature.

Is an Induction Cooktop Worth it?

If you have access to a regular gas stove, than no. They are more powerful and cheaper to operate. However, if there is no gas line, then induction is much better than heating coils. They heat up faster and works better overall.

Another benefit that these induction cooktop has is its portability. You can use it in a small dorm or even a RV. It is also possible to just cook right on the table.

Best Induction Burner Cooktop List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Induction Burner. These burner vary in price, performance and ease of use. Choose one that best suits you.

Breville|PolyScience the Control Freak Temperature Controlled Commercial Induction Cooking System (Best Overall)

Breville Burner is one of the Best on the Market and the price reflects it as well. The controls are intuitive and it has one of the largest coils of the burner. What sets this model apart from the other is how precise the heating is. You can set temperature from 86-482 degree. This model also has a maximum of 1800 watts of power, giving you the best performance. Finally, its also nsf certified, just in case you need to use it in a professional kitchen.

Max Burton #6450 Digital LCD 1800 Watt Induction Cooktop (Best Buy)

Max Burton is a good more affordable alternative to the Breville. At less than a fraction of the cost, it makes it a screaming bargain. The controls are simple and it even has a boil button to make it easy. The temperature is not as wide as Breville at 100°F to 450°F. You can only increment it by 25 degree as well. Other features include safety feature such as shut down in case of a short circuit or overheating.

Duxtop LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop 1800W (Best Dual Induction Cooktop)

If you want a dual burner then Duxtop double burner is a good choice. However, just be aware, that the power will be split among two burner. It wont be as powerful as the single induction burner. To use this properly, cook food that requires low heat. One might be used to simmer soup or water. The other can do light saute.

NUWAVE MOSAIC Induction Wok with 14-inch carbon steel wok (Best Wok Induction Burner)

Look for restaurant performance with a Wok? This induction wok gives you better performance than your home stove. Unlike traditional induction, this model is curved to fit the wok. Giving it truly even heating throughout the pan. Controls are easy to use with a simple turn of the knob. Whats more amazing is that this model has a upper temperature of limit of 575 degree Fahrenheit. This will give you an excellent sear for most stir fry.


Induction cooking is the future. While its main limitation is the power draw, it is still much more effective than a regular hot plate. The best of the best is the one by breville. You have the most control and you can set it at almost any temperature you want. It is also one of the few that can bring a full pot of water to a boil. However, its also very expensive. Max Burton is a more affordable alternative. While you might not have as accurate control, its a lot cheaper. For dual induction, Duxtop is a good model. Just be aware that the power will be split among the burner. Finally for the wok, check out nuwave induction. The curved base will fit the wok perfectly.

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