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Best Noodle Strainer

Noodle Strainer are used to cook, dry and strain noodles. You see it all over noodles shops throughout Asia. They are designed so that it will hang off a large pot of boiling water. Once done, you lift and shake all the excess liquid out. By straining the liquid thoroughly, you prevent water from diluting the flavor of the soup broth. While you might be able to use a colander, noodle strainer offer convenience and function over a traditional colander.

Best Noodle Strainer List

There arent many options available in the states. The good thing is that they are all generally pretty well made and affordable. It should be able to do its job without much issue. There are some slight difference in basket design though. You should get one based on your need.

Helen’s Asian Kitchen Mesh Spider Strainer

Helen’s Asian Strainer is based on a traditional strainer design. you will see this type of model in kitchen everywhere. They use a mesh strainer to help strain every last bit of liquid. The only downside is the work required to clean it. I find it cumbersome to scrub it with a brush. I also wouldnt put it in a dish washer due to its wooden handle.

Tenta Kitchen Micro-Perforated Stainless Steel Strainer

The second type of strainer uses a perforated basket design. They do not strain as well as the mesh strainer. However, they are a lot easier to clean. The good thing about this model is that it will stand up in your drawer, making it slightly more compact. Both version will work, it just depends on what you want.

When to Use Noodle Strainer

You can use noodle strainers in anytime of noodle type of cooking. Its most often seen when making Ramen. However, Chinese and Vietnamnese noodle dish uses it also. If you are making pho or won ton noodles for a large party, they are great to have. By cooking noodles individually, you prepare noodles to order. This way, every noodle will be al dente per guest.

How to Use a Noodle Strainer

In order to use a noodle strainer, you need a huge vat of boiling water. This pot should be able to fit multiple noodle strainer at once. Once the water is ready, just let the noodle strainer hang on the pot. Cook to the desired firmness and remove. Shake out the excess water either over the sink or into the pot.


A noodle strainer is great if you intend on serving a large party. You can cook noodles to order and prevent it from getting too soggy. They both cook and strain in the same vessel so its very convenient. If you want to cook noodles just like how the restaurant does it, then a noodle strainer is the way to go. You can use it for ramen, udon, la mein and more. Good luck in the kitchen.

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