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Best Suribachi Bowl the Japanese Mortar and Pestle

Suribachi Bowl is the Japanese Mortar and Pestle. It has ridges on the bottom to make for very fine grounds. Originally, Suribachi was used for medicinal use. But today, they are more commonly used to ground fine grain such as sesame seeds. With Suribachi you can ususally get a much finer results than a traditional Mortar and Pestle. There are quite a few Suribachi on the market and finding a good one can be difficult. Luckily, most of them are built relatively well.

Best Suribachi Bowl list

Below, you will find a list of some of the best Suribachi on the market. You should choose one that best suits your need.

Mino Ware Suribachi

Mino Ware Suribachi has a special wave patter at the bottom. This keeps the seed grounded and makes faster work of grinding. However, the only downside is that it is not the best for left handed people. Regardless, it works as intended and is one of the best on the market. The smaller bowl keeps the food in the center and prevents it from running to the side.

Zen Table

Zen Table Suribachi does not have the same wave pattern, but its traditional pattern still works just as well. The shape is a little different with a more traditional bowl shape. This makes it easy to grind even around the corner.

Why are Suribachi Bowl Better?

At the bottom of all Suribachi there is a wave pattern. This wave pattern helps to keep the grounded powder at the bottom. This makes it easier and faster to grind You can also re grind any area that needs work. The wave pattern is usually best done on a clockwise fashion. However, people who are left handed can still use it.

How to use a Suribachi Mortar and Pestle

To use a Suribachi, place it on a damp towel or rubberrized mat. This keeps the bowl from moving around. Once done, place the food to be grounded into the center of the bowl. Use the wooden stick and turn it in a circular motion. Grind it as necessary until you get the desired fineness.

I do not recommend that you pound it like you would a mortar and pestle. The ceramic bowl is a lot more delicate then your traditional mortar and Pestle.

How to Clean Suribachi

To clean a Suribachi, I recommend that you use a brush first to get out most of the debris. Then rinse it in soapy water. If you have to, you can soak it in some water for 20 minute. Then dry it with a towel and turn it upside down.

While you can scrub it with a nylon pad, it is not recommended. If you must, scrub it with the pattern of the wave. This will reduce the amount of wear on it.

What to Look for?

Generally, they come in a small or slight larger size. The smaller one are easier to use. More of the seeds/food will stay in the center. You can just grind it in a circular motion. The larger models requires a little more skills but can work just as well.

Some of the Suribachi will have special patterns that aid in the grinding. They help a little but they all work in general. I recommend that you just pick one that you like in terms of appearance and shape.

Best Suribachi The Japanese Mortar and Pestle Thoughts

The Suribachi is great for grinding seeds, herbs and other food. They make quick work of things and can produce better results then a traditional mortar and pestle. While they are not as durable, they bring a more delicate touch. It also make as a great decoration on your table. If you are looking for a grinder, then I recommend trying one out.

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