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Gourmia Air Fryer Review

Gourmia Air Fryer is a great affordable air fryer. Compared to its rival, it can cost 2 or 3 times less. It does the same task that these bigger name does. It air fries, uses digital panel, easy to clean and easy to use. The performance is also on par with the bigger name. So the question is, is there any reason not go get their air fryer? This review will take a closer look at Gourmia Air Fryer and we will see what makes it tick.

Gourmia Air Fryer Review (GAF735) Quick Summary

Gourmia GAF735
Brand AwarenessUSA
Power1700 watts
Preset Cooking8
Capacity7 qt
ThoughtsOverall, these air fryer perform just as well as the big name brand air fryer. It has a whopping 1700 watss of power and its easy to clean. It features a generous 7 qt capacity as well. If you want a no frill air fryer at an affordable price, this is the way to go.
Reviewed CookwareGourmia GAF735 Stainless Steel Digital Air Fryer- No Oil Healthy Frying – Display with 8 Presets – 1700 Watt – 7 Qt Pan with Pop-out Basket

Is Gourmia a Good Brand?

Gourmia is a kitchen appliance manufacturer that seems to have come out of nowhere. Their appliances are generally more affordable than the bigger name manufacturer. They seem to make a wide range of products from sous vide, dehydrator to air fryer.

I tried to find information about the company legacy but it seems to be lacking. At most I found was their claim to have decades of appliance manufacturing history. This can have a wide range of meaning, most likely is that a person might have a few and another might have another few. Add them together, you get decades…Nevertheless, their product seems to be targeting the entry level to mid range category. Not necessarily bad but not really the best.

Gourmia GAF735 Stainless Steel Digital Air Fryer Design

This section will discuss the design and features of Gourmia GAF735 Air Fryer. We will discuss the design and features of this unit.

How Does Gourmia Air Fryer Work?

Gourmia Air Fryer is designed much like other fryer. At the top, there is a heating element with a fan. That fan is there to circulate hot air around the food. This surrounds the food with hot air, baking it. In a conventional oven, there is only heating element on top and bottom of it.

How it fry’s food is by dehydrating the outer crust. Its not really a deep fry in a traditional sense. But a more efficient way of baking the food. And since there is less oil used, its more healthier than a traditional deep fry. Gourmia call this their FryForce 360 TECHNOLOGY. But its really just convection baking.


This is where their air fryer shines. They feature a whopping 1700 watts of power. The circuit breaker at most of our home only supports up to 1800 watts of power. Which is why you wont see any consumer appliance at power above that. Making a unit that is that high of a power unit cost money and its good that they did not cheap out on this. This ensures that the unit will get hot fast and stay hot.

Easy to Clean

Whats great about this unit is that they have a basket loading unit. You can remove the basket easily and since its made of nonstick, its easy to wash. The basket can separate from its base allowing for disassembly. What is annoying is that the holes on the basket can catch onto the sponge sometimes. If you really want to cut back on cleaning time, you can put a aluminum foil around the basket. This way you can just discard it after use.

How to Use Gourmia Air Fryer

Using it is pretty simple. You just insert the basket with food and select the temperature and time. Once ready, press the power button. One thing to be aware of is that you need to toss the food half way. Since its a basket loaded design, the center might not be as cooked as the outside. To ensure even heating, you need to toss the food half way. This is pretty simple as you can open it while its cooking. Once you put it back in, it will resume cooking.

Interesting enough, what you shouldnt be doing is adding a lot of oil to the air fryer. They are not designed to deep fry food. Since it uses hot air and a fan to circulate. The excess oil can probably clog the fan.

Gourmia Air Fryer Recipe

You can adapt any air fryer recipe to Gourmia. They have preset button that lets you select fries, wings, bacon and more. Its quite simple. One of my favorite is chicken wings. All you need to do is toss it with some salt, pepper and curry powder. Set the temperature to 400 degree fahrenheit and fry it for 18 minutes. Increase time as necessary.

For frys, set the temperature at little lower at 350 and fry for 15 minutes. To prepare the fries, cut it to wedges and toss with salt and oil. You can also buy premade fries from the supermarket and bake it at the same temperature. The fries will come out crispy and tender.


Overall, Gourmia Air Fryer is a fantastic air fryer. It features a 1700 watts of power and it fries just as good as any other air fryer. The stainless steel exterior and non stick interior also means that its easy to clean. The controls are also easy to use and understand. For the price that you pay, you cant beat this air fryer.

I hope you like this Gourmia Air Fryer, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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