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Teavana Perfect Tea Maker Review

Teavana Perfect Tea Maker is one of the best way to brew tea. The 16 oz cups offers covienence, ease and simplicity. While most people are afraid of even brewing their own tea, this tea maker makes the daunting task easy. All you need to do is fill in the leaf and pour hot water. Once its done, rest it on a cup and it will dispense tea without any of the sediments. You cant get more simple than that. This review will discuss the construction and design of Teavana Perfect Tea Maker.

History of Teavana

Teavana was founded in 1997 by Charlie Cain and his wife. The decision to start a tea shop was due to increasing trends of fine wine and coffee. However, to start they had to pour their life savings into the company. It was the right choice. In 2012 starbucks offered to buy the company for 620 million. Now, teavana is the go to choice for fine tea. They have a wide variety of flavor that usually mesh with other dried fruits. This brought flavor and variety to a generation of coffee drinker.

How to Use Teavana Perfect Tea Maker

To use it, I recommend only getting full sized loose leaf tea. While you can use the broken tea pieces, it can clog the drainer.
1) To brew a tea, start by scooping you preferred strength tea into the container.

2)Boil water to the appropriate temperature. For example, green tea should be around 160 degree Fahrenheit.
3) Once the water is hot, pour the water in and let it steep for 2-3 minutes.

4)Once its done steeping, place it on a cup. The tea should start draining. If the cup is 16 oz, it should reach right to the rim. The sound it makes and where it stops is oddly satisfying.

Teavana Perfect Tea Maker Design

This section will disucss the construction and design of Teavana Perfect Tea Maker. We will go over lid, performance and general use.


While the lid is typically a minor thing, the design of the lid deserve a worthy mention. It has a smooth movement that feels high quality. It also stays in the place where you leave off. This means that it does not fall down unless you press it down. This is perfect for when you put tea and pour hot water. This simple task makes a huge different when pouring. No longer do you have to fumble around. Important when you have a steaming pot of hot liquid. Once done, all you have to do is lower the lid and let it brew.

Draining Mechanism

What makes this tea maker so great is the draining mechanism. At the bottom, there is a small switch. Once you push it upward, it allows liquid to drop down. However, if there is no pressure, it is depressed and it wont release liquid. At the base, there are little feat to prevent it from being accidentally depressed.

Insider the container, there is a fine mesh strainer. This strainer holds the tea in place. When you go to drain the tea, it stays behind, leaving no trace of tea in your cup. This is only true if you use whole loose leaf tea though. Small bits of tea can and will make it through.

Interesting enough, at the bottom there is a patent number. 5,826,493. While I am not sure who actually invented this design. I know that many other company have a similar design. Most notably, the Adagio Teas ingenuiTEA share almost the same mechanism.

Issues With Teavana Perfect Tea Maker

The biggest issue comes when you clean it. Since there is no easy way to remove the mesh, this makes it difficult when cleaning. You can reach in and scrub with a scrubber. I usually just put it in soap and water and let it soak. After 30 minute, I will come back and rinse and drain. This kept it clean for the most part.

A great thing about the mesh is that it provides air flow and space for the tea to drain. This lets the tea dry and prevent it from molding.


If you were ever afraid of brewing tea, this makes the task easy. No longer do you have to fiddle with filters and steaming hot pot. This is made even easier if you have a hot water dispenser. All you have to do is scoop, pour and dispense. This has literally changed how I brew tea at home.

I hope you like this Teavana Perfect Tea Maker, If you would like to see more, please visit our Kitchen Gadgets page.

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