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Zyliss Garlic Press Review

Zyliss Garlic Press is one of the best garlic press in the market. They can press and mince garlic press without even peeling it. All you need to do is lop off the root end and squeeze. The end result is a evenly minced garlic. There are a few different models based on the size. The susi 3 is the biggest model letting you press three garlic at once. However, is this garlic press really that great?

How do you use Zyliss Garlic Press?

Using these garlic press is simple. Just pop it in and press. You dont have to peel it. When you press it, hold the press forward with the head in front of you. If you hold it vertically, the garlic press head will fall down and it wont work.

Cleaning it is a bit of a chore. They have a plastic piece that lets you remove any stuck on garlic piece. I like to just flip it over and tear out the left over. I keep on losing the plastic piece so I just run it over hot water. This method works pretty well for me.

When you finish pressing the garlic, the garlic does not just fall off. I recommend you get a paring knife to get it out. Its gives the best results. However, in a pinch, I also just use my finger to pop it off.


My experience with this garlic press is pretty good. Garlic comes out pretty uniform and I generally get most of the garlic out. There isnt much challenge in using it.

Black Gunk?

There are some reports that there are black gunk that develop. Apparently that just the nonstick coating. I never had that issue. When I look at mines, it just looks like the aluminum body underneath. These marks are just where the movable part rest on the garlic press.

Vintage Zyliss Garlic Press

The current iteration of this garlic press is a sleek and smooth design. However, in the past, the garlic press was more angular and lacks any type of nonstick coating.The hopper is wide and protruding. These models are made in switzerland unlike the modern China version. The press hopper does not have spikes like modern version. This leads to more left over garlic hopper.

The good thing about these older garlic press is that it feels very solid. The bad bit is that the angular edge makes it not as comfortable as the newer model.

Zyliss Garlic Press Thoughts

Overall, its a pretty good garlic press. The only downside is the cleaning. It can be a little difficult to clean. Try running it under hot water. The pressure should be able to push out the garlic.

I hope you like this review, you can check out my review for Kuhn Rikon Garlic Press for more.

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