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Le Creuset Multifunction Pan Review

Le Creuset Multifunction Pan is multi functional. You get a pan and a sauce pot in one. This is perfect for when you are low on space or just dont have enough for individual cookware. Le Creuset Multifunction Pan gives you the option to save money and space. While this pan is great, there are some issues with the design. For example, the pan has no rolled lip which makes it difficult to drain liquid. You are also missing a lid when you go to cook with it. This review will take a closer look at Le Creuset Multifunction Pan.

Le Creuset Multifunction Pan Review Quick Summary

Le Creuset Multifunction Pan
ColorsWide Range of Color
Brand AwarenessWorld Famous
Helper HandleOn the Pot Yes
Capacity2.5 qt
WeightThe pan is around 3 lb 3oz. While the pot is 5 lb 2 oz.
Country of ManufacturerFrance
ThoughtsA versatile cookware, if used effectively, you can reduce cooking time of stews. The two in one design save space and money. Great for a small kitchen and cooking for one or two.
Reviewed CookwareLe Creuset Flame Multifunction Pan L2544-22717, 2.5 qt.

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History of Le Creuset

While Le Creuset is known as a French Cookware brand. It was actually founded by two Belgain men. One was a enamel specialist and the other was a casting specialist. Together they formed their famous flame dutch oven. As their popularity grew, so did their brand. They slowly bought out competitors like Cousances and Descoware. They are now one of the biggest cookware manufacturer around. When people think of high end cookware, they think of Le Cresuset.

Le Creuset Multifunction Pan Design

This section will discuss the design and construction of Le Creuset Multifunction Pan. We will go over handle, shape and general performance.


The handle on both the pot and pan is a single piece design. It was formed when the original pot was casted. This makes it very durable and nearly indestructible. Other cookware are usually stamped and they require a rivet or screw to attach the pot.

What is very interesting about the multifunction pan is how the two handle are aligned. You can place them literally on top of another. However, there are downside to this. Usually you want a handle that is angled upward slightly. This improves the balance and makes it feel lighter. Luckily, this pot is generally small and relatively light. What I would like is a helper handle on the skillet.

The good thing is that the pot does have a helper handle. Definitely necessary considering you are suppose to use both of them in tandem.

In terms of comfort, theyre ok. My experience with cast iron handles is that they are generally uncomfortable. While they wont cut you, they do not feel exactly pleasant either.


The shape of Le Creuset Multifunction Pan is interesting to say the least. Since they have to design it to mesh with each other, there are some compromise. Both the skillet and the pot lacks any sort of pouring lip. While you can get away with that on the skillet, the pot should at least have a spout. On the pot, the rims are raised just so that the skillet can fit securely.

For the pot, it it is wide and this gives you ample space to sear food. This is great especially if you intend on searing food on it. A crowded pot will cause food to steam.

The skillet is a 8 inch skillet. It sides are low letting you flip food with ease. This lower sidewall also helps with searing food. Lower sidewall tends to evaporate liquid better than high sidewall skillets. Interesting enough, sometimes I see the pan sold by itself on ebay. I recommend waiting until you find one together.

Together, the combined weight of the two is 8lb 6 oz. The pan is around 3 lb 3oz. While the pot is 5 lb 2 oz.

How to Use Le Creuset Multifunction Pan Effectively

One of the best way to use these pans is to use it simultaneously. This should reduce your overall cooking time. For example, when you make a stew, you start off by searing food. Now you can sweat onion in the pot and sear food in the skillet. Once the fond developed, you can deglaze then pour it into the pot and cover. You wont loose any flavor!

If for some reason, you need a lid on the pot but need to use the skillet. Just get a place to cover the pot. This should not be that big of an issue.

Enamel Coating, Chipping and Safety

The great thing about Le Creuset is that they have one of the most durable enamel in the industry. Where are those made in china are prone to chipping. I have a few that are from China that comes with chip straight from the store. That is not say that they are indestructible, but I do have some that are over 50 year old that looks brand new.

If they do chip, fear not. The bottom is bare cast iron. There should be no harm to your health if that occurs. What I do recommend is that you coat it with some oil. Exposed cast iron can and will develop rust if left untreated.


What makes Le Creuset so successful is definitely the colors offering. They have all the colors of the rainbow and more. For that reason, interior decorator love their cookware. The cream interior is also great. Some of the interior are black, but I find the cream interior to be more useful. A white interior lets you judge the quality of the fond. This will help prevent burning food and ruining your dish.

The downside to the enamel interior is that they wont develop a nonstick coating like bare cast iron. Nevertheless, if you learn how to cook on enamel, it should not be that big of an issue.

Le Creuset Multifunction Pan Thoughts

Overall, this is a pretty neat set. You get two cookware for the price of one. The only issue that I see is the lack of rolled lip. Other than that, this is a great set if you plan on cooking for one or two. This duo design also reduces the overall cooking time if you use it effectively.

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I hope you like this Le Creuset Multifunction Pan review, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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