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Amazonbasics Cookware Set Review

Amazonbasics Cookware Set is Amazon’s attempt at making an affordable cookware for the consumers. For the past few years, amazon has been making a bunch of cheap and affordable product under its brand name. The reality of the situation is that there was a big market for this type of product. In the past, many importer source their product from China and just slap their label on it. These importers might make some minor changes but engineering and manufacturing is all done in China. The AmazonBasics brand is basically a derivative of that business model. So far, its been working really well for them. Amazonbasics Cookware Set is surprisingly affordable and it shows in the construction. This review will take a closer look at its construction and design. We will see whether its any good and whether you should invest your money in this cookware.

T Fal Professional Non Stick Cookware Set Quick Summary

Amazonbasics 8 Piece Cookware Set
CompatibilityGas, Electric, Halogen, Glass Top
Oven TemperatureUnclear
Brand AwarenessAmerica
Country of ManufacturerUnclear Probably China
ThoughtsA cheaply constructed cookware whose price reflects it. However, it should let you cook whatever you need. This is great for a starting cook. It wont really matter much if it gets destroyed because you can replace it for next to nothing. If you decide cooking is for you, then you can upgrade to better cookware like All Clad.
Reviewed CookwareAmazonbasics Non Stick 8 Piece Cookware Set

Amazonbasics Cookware Set Design

This section will discuss the design and construction of Amazonbasics Cookware. We will go over the handle, shape and overall performance.


This is one of the cheapest and flimsiest piece of plastic that I have ever seen. If you ever went to a dollar store, you can expect those type of handle. Other manufacturer will have a full metal construction with a silicone covered on top. These type of construction has a better and more comfortable grip. It wont slit and it has a higher oven temperature. Amazonbasics plastic construction was mostly done for cost saving. The handle is also affixed with a screw. Overtime, expect it to come loose. It should have a lower oven safe temperature as well. I couldnt even find it for them.
In terms of ergonomic, it is designed pretty well. It tapers in slightly at the center. This design will fit the contour of your hand.


The shape of the cookware is very standard. It is the same as most other nonstick cookware out there. The skillet sidewall is a little bit too high though. This makes it difficult to flip food with a spatula. However, this design is good for flipping food with the wrist. You just need some practice to do it.

For the pots, it is a simple straight design. It is more wide than tall. This makes searing food quicker. A pot with a narrow width forces you to sear food in many batches, extending cooking time. Aside from that, there is nothing really bad about. However, it doesnt have a rolled lip. None of cookware has a rolled lip. It was probably done this way to save money on manufacturing.


Only the pots have a lid. They all use a glass construction which makes it less durable. Although you can look inside, when it steams, you cant see either way. An all metal construction would make it more durable. The lid does have a vent lid to prevent the steam from popping the lid.

Amazonbasics Cookware Set 8 Pieces

The 8 piece set consists of 2 skillet, 2 sauce pot and a dutch oven. The lids count as a piece. The cookware in this set should let you cook just about everything.

Non Stick Finish and Durability

I think this is the biggest issue with this set. The cookware is flimsy and there are numerous account of amazon stating that it will bend and warp. The other issue is inherient with nonstick cookware. It is the teflon coating. Once the teflon coating goes, so does the pan. Luckily, its so cheap that it wont really matter. You can just replace it in a year or two without much financial burden. However, if you want to keep it longer, here are some ways to extend its life.

Extending the Non Stick Finish

1) Never use metal utensils. We all do it, but its the death of teflon pan. Any abrasion or nicks will just hasten the demise of the pan. I would also recommend that you only wash the pan with a soft side of the spong.
2) Do not overheat the pan. This is the quickest way of destroying nonstick pans. At temperature of 500 degree celsius and above, the pan degrades rapidly. At 572 and above, fumes starts emitting and you can experience flu like symptoms. This is called teflon flu, which has been known to kill birds. Humans are unlikely to die from it though.

You can prevent this by always adding oil to a cold pan. The oil will regulate the temperature and prevent it from overheating. If you see smoke coming from the oil, that means you past the recommended cooking temperature.

Amazonbasics Cookware Set Thoughts

The construction on Amazonbasics Cookware Set is really shoddy. However, its really cheap, so you get what you pay for. It will let you cook whatever you need to so theres that. This cookware is really suited as a starter cookware. Great for someone who just started cooking. After, you can upgrade to something a little nicer, like maybe All Clad or Scanpan.

I hope you like this Amazonbasics 8 piece non stick Cookware Set Review, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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