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Best Butter Warmer

The biggest secret in a Chef arsenal is butter. They put it in just about any dish. From stews, steaks and sauces, if you eat out, more than likely it contains butter. Its what makes food so delicious, so why not add it when you eat. While butter are sometime served cold, its best eaten warm. The best butter warmer gently melts the butter without burning. There are several butter warmer on the market and each has their own strength.

What to Look For?

The main thing that a butter warmer should do is warm butter. You can either serve it on the side or just warm it on the stove. In situation where you only want to use it for cooking, then any pot will do. However, for serving, things like heat retention and apperance are more important.

Pots that are heavier tend to retain heat better than metals that are light. Heat conductive metals like copper will also lose its heat fast. In this situation pans that uses cast iron, stainless steel or carbon steel is actually preferable.

Appearance wise, you want something that is attractive looking to wow your guest. You should be able to serve it without it looking out of place. Depending the brands, you can either get a professional looking stainless steel or colorful enamel pot.

I also recommend a pan with some sort of pouring lip. While a butter warmer is mainly for butter, you can also mix sauce in. With a pouring lip, the chance of your guest making a mess is lower.

Table Side Flame?

Some models actually have a little stand beneath the pot. What you are suppose to do is add a candle or some other heating element. Since the flame is so weak, it will gently warm the butter and keep it warm. Usually, these will only come in ceramic form. However, Staub do make a miniature fondue pot that is made of cast iron. Unfortunately, it seems to be always Out of Stock.

In cases where you cant warm it on the table. You can compensate by using a pot that can retain heat. Butter Warmer with lids are even better.

Best Butter Warmer List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Butter Warmer on the market. I have listed them based on categories. Choose one that best suits you.

ALL CLAD Butter Warmer 42006 D3 Stainless 0.5 Qt. (Best Overall)

All Clad Butter Warmer is beautiful and functional. It comes in at half a qt and carries just enough heft to keep butter warmer. You can heat it on the stove or the oven. Best of all, it has a pouring lip, this will prevent it from dribbling everywhere. The stainless steel appearance gives it a high class feel.

Mauviel Butter Warmer (Best Performing Butter Warmer)

If you need the butter melted fast then go copper. Mauviel butter warmer uses a stainless steel lining so it doesn’t have the pitfall of traditional copper pan. When new, it has a beautiful copper and brass appearance. Just be aware, the handle gets screaming hot. Be sure to wear a glove.

Dansk Kobenstyle Teal Butter Warmer (Best Looking Butter Warmer)

Dansk funky style and color will bring some excitement to dinner. The pouring lip makes it easy to pour. And the wooden handle wont burn your guest. There are a variety of color to suit any kitchen. Choose one that best suit your personality.

Prepworks by Progressive Ceramic Butter Warmer Fondue Set (Best Ceramic Warmer)

Sometimes the butter just has to stay hot. In this case, getting a model with a table side warmer is ideal. The bottom portion will hold a tiny candle to heat the ceramic pot. Perfect for dipping your seafood in. However, the ceramic is not rated for the stove. Do not heat it on there. This model holds 4 oz each.


There are a wide choice of models to choose from. The best overall is by All Clad. You can heat it on the stove and serve it on the table. However, for straight performance, Mauviel Copper Warmer is the best. If you want something colorful and pretty, then Dansk is your best choice. Finally, ceramic is great if you want it constantly warm. Plus guest will like the little fire.

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