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Best Copper Jam Pot

Copper Jam Pot are large, wide and usually hammered. Unlike most copper cookware, Copper Jam Pots are unlined. Some people are put off by it, fearing that copper can leach into their food and poison them. However, a lot of the fear is due to misinformation that is often spreaded. Unbeknownst to most people, unlined Copper Cookware has been used for water and milk storage for generations. And Unlined Copper Cookware are actually considered to be the Best Copper Jam Pot.

Why Use Unlined Copper Cookware

When you make jam, one of the goal is to make it like Jelly. One of the ingredients in Jam making is Pectin. Pectin contains carboxylic acid, that chemical prevents the jam from coming together and making it bind. Properties of Unlined Copper actually helps the Jam ignore the properties of carboxylic acid and binds it anyways. This in turn lets you use fewer amount of Citrus to try and promote the jellifying process. You have more freedom making the Jam to your taste. Having a overly tart Jam is not always the goal.

Unlined Copper Utensils works under the same principle. However, you can probably get by with stainless steel variety. They are a bit pricey.

Other Benefits of Copper Cookware

Aside from binding the Jam, Copper are excellent conductor of heat. Jam Pots are usually made very thin so that it can change temperature really quickly. Where as other cookware will continue cooking the Jam even after you shut it off.

They are also excellent distributor of heat. They wont have heat spots like cast iron or stainless steel cookware will. This lets you get an even browning throughout the process.

Copper Jam Pot Safety

Copper Cookware can be come dangerous when it develops a green patina. If you do not dry it properly or just let it sit in a acidic solution, it will become green. Thats what happened to the statue of liberty. Ingesting can upset your stomach or even send you to the hospital. If your pan has green patina, be sure to clean it off thoroughly.

Another situation that might affect your health is cooking overly acidic food. When you do that, an increase amount of copper content will leach into it. It makes food metallic and you will probably consume more than the daily recommended value of copper. Since fruits are naturally acidic, you can compensate for this by adding sugar.

For these two reason, among others, copper cookware is usually lined with tin or stainless steel. However, for Jam, its best left unlined.

Cleaning, Caring and Polishing Copper Jam Pot

I like most people was awed by the stunning beauty of copper cookware. However, with use, copper pots usually turn dark and patina. What was once beautiful, now looks like a ancient relic. While you can bring back the luster with a Copper Polisher, I recommend that you just leave it as it. Constant polishing the cookware gets old. Unless you plan on just leaving it as a Show Piece, its never gonna stay polished. Besides, darker patina actually help the pot absorb heat better. Polish copper reflect heat and degrade its thermal property.

As for cleaning the pot, just use normal soap and water. Be sure to let it air dry. I recommend against using the dishwasher especially for those with cast iron handle.

Best Copper Jam Pot List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Copper Jam Pot on the Market. There are quite a few models available and you cant go wrong with them. Having said that, I recommend that you stick with the French Brand. Those made in China are usually very thin and have dubious quality.

Mauviel Made In France M’Passion 2193.40 (Best Overall)

Mauviel is one of the oldest and largest French Copper Cookware Manufacturer. They are the go to company for both custom and quality cookware. This model is beautiful and functional with its hammered finish. Its recommended that you wash this by hand.

De Buyer Copper Jam Pan (Best Buy)

For a slightly more basic jam pan, De Buyer makes a good alternative. Their model is not hammered so it does not have the same structural rigidity. However, for Jam Making, it works just as well. The handles are made of cast iron so it can rust if uncared for.

Matfer Bourgeat Copper Jam Pan

Matfer Bourgeat is another giant in the French Cookware Manufacturer. Their products usually caters to the restaurant professional so it can withstand the rigor of a kitchen. This model is unhammered but uses a brass handle. Great if you are looking for something a little different.


Making Jam can be fun and rewarding. However, using the wrong tools can make it a little frustrating. With a Copper pot, you can increase your chance of success without adding too much citrus. There are quite a few Copper Jam Pot on the Market. The one made by Mauviel is still considered to be the best. However, options from other manufacturer are more affordable and works just as well. Choose one that best suit you.

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