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Best Induction Cookware

The Best Induction Cookware is the same as any good pan. It should have even heat distribution, sear well and react to difference in temperature. The major difference is the ability for it to be compatible with a induction stove top. Fast heat conducting metal like copper and aluminum wont work. For a cookware to be induction capable, it needs to be magnetic. Otherwise, the machine wont recognize it and will not be able to heat it up. This article will list some of the best induction cookware given these limitation.

What is Induction Heating

Induction heating is an alternative way of heating a pan. Instead of fire or electric coils, they use a magnetic element to heat up cookware. Beneath your induction stove top, there is a copper coil that uses alternating electric current to generate a magnetic field. This causes a electrical current to flow through your cookware heating it up. It is quick and more efficient than you traditional method of cooking. If you want to reduce the amount of heat that goes into your house, this is a great way of doing it.

Since induction cookware are made with electronic, you can control the heat better than flame. They wont cause a fire like a traditional gas stove and it stays cool to the touch. This makes cleaning easier all around. Usually induction stove top will also have fail safe to shut it down if it thinks its over heating. They are truly great if safety is a huge concern.

Best Induction Cookware List

Here are some of the best induction cookware listed by brand. Each product has its own pros and cons, you should find one that suits your need.

Lodge (Cast Iron)

Cast Iron is one of the oldest cookware around. They are heavy and are perfect for searing. However, they are also poor conductor of heat. What happens is that on a traditional stove top, it will develop heat spots. This heat spots will cause unevenness in cooking. Luckily, induction take care a lot of this problem. Now the heat distribution is a lot more even, while it does still take a long time to heat up, its still better than what it was.

In this category Lodge is the best choice. They are affordable and comes pres seasoned from the factory. They have a wide range of cookware, from saute pan to dutch oven. You should be able to cook anything you would need on the induction stove top.

De Buyer Mineral B and Lodge (Carbon Steel)

Carbon Steel is cast iron lighter weight cousin. If you cant use heavy cookware, than carbon steel is a great way to go. It also develops a nonstick coating like cast iron. While they are not as well known in the american household, they are a favorite in Professional Kitchen. You most likely have eaten something made from carbon steel and not even know it!

In this category, De Buyer makes one of the best there is. Their omelette pan has a curved and rounded interior that lets you toss and roll food with ease. It uses a thick 2.5-3 mm thick piece of steel so that it can hold heat and sear steaks and salmon. You do have to season it when you first get it it though. A simple frying of potato peel will do. Overtime, it will only get better.

Best Buy Lodge

However, it can be a little expensive. Luckily lodge makes a cheaper alternative. It comes pre seasoned from the factory. The rough surface also helps it hold onto the seasoning better. However, it does not have that nice rounded shape of the De Buyer pan.

All Clad and Tramontina (Cladded Cookware)

Cladded Cookware was invented by All Clad. They take on the properties of the best metal out there. The inside are usually either aluminum or copper so that the metal can conduct heat fast. The outer and inner layer will use a stainless steel base so that it wont react with acidic food. They are usually lighter and more well balanced than other cookware.

All Clad Copper Core

All Clad is still the best here. From their durability to the finish, no other company have yet to beat them. If you truly want the best, their copper core line heats up the fastest and controls heat the best. It can sear steaks and make sauces like no other.

Best Buy Tramontina Gourmet

Having said that, All Clad is still pretty expensive. Not much people are willing to spend the money on All Clad. Luckily, tramontina makes a cheaper alternative. They have multicladded layers that will give you the same benefits as other fully cladded cookware.

Scanpan and T-Fal (Non Stick Cookware)

Most nonstick cookware uses aluminum as its core. They will coat it with paint on the exterior to jazz it up. But it wont be compatible with induction stove top. To get around this, manufacturer will stick a thick stainless steel base so that it will work. This improves the thermal capacity of the pan and help prevent it from warping.

Scanpan CTX

In this category, Scanpan CTX is the winner. The brushed stainless steel exterior makes it easy to clean and has a very beautiful appearance. The handles are comfortable and rounded preventing fatigue like other cookware. It also stays cool to the touch. If you truly want the best of the best, than scanpan is the way to go.

Best Buy T-Fal Professional

Having said that, they are pretty expensive. I recommend that you get a best buy by T-Fal. When you get down to it, a nonstick cookware only last as long as its coating. It will not make much financial sense to spend a thousand dollar on a set that will last a year or two. The Professional series has a induction base and comes in at a very reasonable price. If it breaks, it will be very easy to replace and you wont cry. At least I didn’t.

Best Induction Cookware Thoughts

Overall, these are some of the best induction cookware around. What you should buy depends on what you like. If you want a heavy duty searing pan, then cast iron is the way to go. However for a lighter weight one, go for Carbon Steel. For a all around pan, then go with multi clad pan. They are relatively light weight and conduct heat fast. However, if you want a nonstick pan, consider going with something with a nonstick coating. This makes it easier for newer cooks. Also, it makes cooking eggs and fish super easy!

I hope you like this Best Induction Cookware List, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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