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Best Kransekake Mold

Kransekake Mold are circular baking plates that allows you to build a giant Kransekake for the holidays. While there arent really much to these molds, they are critical to building a towering Kransekake. If you try to free hand it, they tend to be mishapen and can possibly fall over. Something that is common if you do it improerply. Besides, if you want a professional looking cake, you need the mold. This article will list some of the Best Kransekake Mold on the market.

Best Kransekake Mold List

Below are some of the Kransekake Mold Available.

Norpro 3273 Cake Forms Nonstick Kransekake

Norpro is one of the largest manufacturer of kitchen good. They have been around since 1973 and make everything from dicers to tortilla molds. Their mold lets you make a 18 layer cake with a bottom diameter of 8.25 inch. It also features a nonstick finish so that clean up is easy. The rings are made of heavy duty steel to really hold in the heat while baking.

Fox Run Non-Stick Kransekake Mold

Foxrun is a good alternative to Norpro. They feature the same nonstick finish steel mold design. You can also make a total of 18 layers. However, theirs are slightly larger with the base diameter at 8.75 inch.

Bethany Housewares Kransekake Rings

Bethany Housewares Kransekake Rings are the most expensive but are also the largest. The base comes in at a size of 9.5 inch. It comes with six pieces allowing you to make a total of 18 layers.

What is Kransekake?

Kransekake is a traditional danish and Norwegian desert that is typically eaten at new year, weddings and Christmas. What is most notable about them is the sheer sizes. Rings are placed on top of each other creating a tower. Usually sweets such as chocolate or or icing are used as glue to hold them together. You can often find flags or other items sprinkled throughout the cake. The rings are usually made with a combination of almond, sugar and egg whites. Combined, they provide a soft and chewy texture.

Things to Look For in a Kransekake Mold

Since the selection in the states are limited, there is not much to choose from. However you should consider the size of your Kransekake. The strength of the tower is only as good as its base. If you plan on making a huge one, you need one that can accommodate the size. From the online retailer I see, the biggest one is 9.5 inch. That should be enough to make a small tower.

Materials are also a important thing to factor. In a professional setting, cast iron and carbon steel molds are more common place. But in a consumer household most manufacturer only make these product in nonstick. Overtime, the peeling can come loose. Luckily, in a baking situation, they should rarely break down quickly. Unless of course you use metal utensils to scratch it up.

Molds usually come in separate pieces. This way baking them becomes more manageable and you get more varying sizes. What can be confusing is that each ring does not go on top of each other. I recommend marking the rings so that you can more easily identify and stack them up later. A number system on the bottom of it will be really helpful when you assemble them.

Most manufacturer of Kransekake gives it a 18 layer cake. If you want something smaller, all you need to do is reduce the amount of mold used. However just be aware of the stacking issue. Make sure you use the mold with the appropriate sizes. For larger one, you might need to make your own rings or go to a commercial restaurant store.


You really cannot go wrong with any of these molds. If you plan on making a professional looking Kransekake, you need a mold. You can try free styling it, but those usually turn out subpar. These molds are necessary for that perfect round shape. This way it wont fall over and ruin your hard work.

I hope you like this Best Kransekake Mold article, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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