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Best Space Saving Pots and Pans

Pots and Pans are great to have. Having a wide assortment of cookware makes your kitchen vesatile. However, the problem is that it takes up a lot of retail room. To help reduce clutter and save space, I have compiled a list of the Best Space Saving Pots and Pans. I will also include some tips and tricks that I found a long the way.

Stackable Cookware

One of the best way to save space is to stack the cookware. Most people lay their cookware side to side. However, stacking them vertically will utilize a lot of unused space. The only problem is that cookware are not usually designed to be stacked. Here are some cookware that is actually designed to be stacked.

Calphalon Premier Space Saving

Calphalon is an American cookware manufacturer that specialize in hard anodized cookware. Instead of a traditional teflon cooking. Hard anodized is bonded to the pan chemically. This makes the non stick surface tougher and more durable. You can see the process of anodizing at the following link below.

How it Saves Space

Calphalon save space via two ways. Stacking and the lids. Usually the lids are one of the worse offender of space saving. They have a large dome that makes it hard to stack. However, on this version, the dome shape is reversed. It is designed so that you can place one pot on top of another. Not only that, there is a notch on the bottom and the top near the handle. These notches will keep the pan in place and prevent it from moving.

Where to Buy

The 5 Piece Set is really affordable and it has all the basic cookware you need. It contains a sauce pot, a saute and a rondeau. This will let you do most if not all the basic cooking task. If you want more, then you can always upgrade to the 8, 10 or even 12 piece.

Faberware Neat Nest

Faberware is an American cookware manufacturer that has been in business for over a hundred years. Most of their cookware is affordable and highly regarded by the American Public. Faberware Neat Nest is one of their cookware designed to save space. It uses a traitional teflon coating and space saving handles.

How it Works

Instead of stacking it, they use smaller cookware to combine them into one. Kind of like those russian stacking dolls. The handles have little notches to keep them in place. Because of this design, a set of cookware that is might take a whole isle of space will only take 3 room.

Where to Buy

As of now, their 13 piece set cost less than a hundred dollar on Amazon. You get many different skillet, stock pot and sauce pan sizes. This should let you cook anything you need at home. They even have the option of just the Sauce Pan or just The Skillet. Those are very affordable as well.

T-Fal Stackable Titanium Non Stick 10 Piece

T-Fal is one of the largest non stick cookware manufacturer in the industry. They have became synonymous with the term nonstick. If you want an affordable nonstick cookware, they are the way to go.

How it Works

Unlike the other manufacturer, they do not have any special design to make it fit. What they do is reduce the diameter size. So each one should fit ontop of another. The handle is slimmed down slighty so that they will fit. These are actually better than their normal version. Its an hard anodized finish which means that its more durable. They also have pouring lips to prevent spills.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the whole set at amazon for around 100 dollar. It cost almost the same as their other version. For your money, you might as well buy this. As space saving is usually an issue.

Gotham Steel Stackable Pots and Pans Set

Gotham Steel is another one of the As Seen on Tv Cookware Set. Through their quirky marketing and late night infomercial, their cookware has been an incredible success. They are now back with a stackable version of the Gotham Pot.

How it Works

Unlike the other brands, they use the rim to make it stackable. This allows them to use an all metal handle. However, they missed this opportunity to make a better designed handle. Nonetheless, how it works is via stacking the rim. Each diameter of the pot is slightly smaller than the other. It then sits on top of each other. Ultimately, it does not save as much room as the other design but it works. I would avoid it if you lack vertical space.

Gotham Steel Mini Stackmaster

Like the other one, these are a miniature version. They are really practical for everyday cooking, but great for small individual cooking. I personally like small cookware since its more efficient and it doesn’t waste heat.

How it Works

Unlike the other brands, these dont use any special tool. All it does is rest on top of another. Each is smaller than another. It can get annoying if you misplace the order so be aware of that. But they are small enough that it doesn’t matter.

GraniteStone Stack Master Cookware Set

Granite Stone is another brand of the As Seen on Tv cookware Set. They also gained popularity through their late night infomercial. The original set has became one of the best sellers on amazon.

How it Works

Unlike the Gotham Steel one, these are better designed. The bottom of the pots have additional metal notches in the handle and on the helper handle. They then rest on top of each other. The lids also rest upside down allowing the pot to sit on each other. Overall, they are a pretty good design and saves quite a bit of space.

I hope you like this Best Space Saving Pots and Pans article. If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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