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Best USA Made Cookware

In my experience, there are two types of consumer. One wants the best of the best and the other as cheap as possible. Interesting enough, the French and the Chinese hit these two niches very well. However, every now and then, we get middle of the road consumer. They strike the balance of budget and performance. Luckily, American Manufacturer hit that niche perfectly. Since most products are made in the states, they dont have to pay overly high import tax. And generally, the products are pretty well made. The Best USA made Cookware include brands such as All Clad, Lodge, Noridcware, Viking, Wolf and more.

Is it really American Made?

Today, Made in USA is a brand. If they can get away with it, they will stamp their product Made in USA. What most people dont know is that often time, products and material will be sourced from other countries. The only thing that is made in America is the assembly portion. This by no means is bad. You get the quality control of a American Manufacturer.

This might shock people but some foreign companies use more American made products than actual American company. It varies from company to company, but you really have to dive into their logistic to find out.

Another thing that is common is that American manufacturer is owned by foreign company. Even though operations and manufacturing is done in America, it is still owned by a foreign company. Its getting increasingly rare to find products that is 100% completely Made in USA. That in itself has become a marketing gimmick.

Best USA Made Cookware List

Below, you will find a list of some the Best USA Made Cookware. These manufacturer will specialize in different cookware. Choose one that best suits you.

All Clad (Best Fully Cladded Cookware)

All Clad has been around for more than 40 years. They were the one designed and popularized the fully cladded cookware. A design which combines the best properties of different metal into one. Today, all top of the line cookware use some form of the fully cladded line.

Recently, the company was purcahsed by the French Company SEB. However, their mainline product is still made in the USA. Most of their nonstick is made in China though. So take that into account when buying their product. I would say for the average consumer, the D3 line offers the best value for your money.

Lodge (Best Cast Iron USA Made Cookware)

Lodge is one of the oldest cookware in the USA. They specialize in manufacturing cast iron products. You can find corn tray, skillets, dutch oven and more. However, one thing that is not made in USA is their enamel product. Nevertheless, what sets Lodge apart from other manufacturer is their quality and affordability. You can usually find their skillet for less than 20 dollar. Not only that, they last a lifetime. You wont be disappointed with Lodge.

On a side note, Lodge recently purchased Finex. So if you purchase finex product, you are also buy USA made cookware.

Calphalon Premier Space Saving Pots and Pans Set (Best Made in USA Nonstick Cookware)

Calphalon has a long legacy of manufacturer cookware in the USA. While not all of their product are made in usa. Their Premier Space saving model still is. The good thing about this model is that you can stack it on top of another. Their products are hard anodized for extra durability as well. In terms of thickness, they come in at a hefty 3.6mm. Much better than a lot of other nonstick cookware around.

Viking Professional 5-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Viking is best known in the commercial sector. They are most famous for their gas range. However, their pans are still well made and suitable for both the professional and home kitchen. Much like All Clad, this line uses a fully cladded design. You get the benefit of Aluminum with the durability of stainless steel.

USA Pan Cookware 5-Ply Stainless Steel 8 Inch Sauté Skillet

USA Pan is most famous for their corrugated bakeware. They are durable and commonly used in the professional kitchen. Their foray into cookware is stellar to say the least. Like All Clad, their product uses a fully cladded design. A stay cool stainless steel handle and easy pour rims. While they might not be as well known for their cookware, it still a decent product.


These are some of the Best USA Cookware Manufacturer. In my opinion, the two that you cant go wrong with is All Clad and Lodge. With the premium brand belonging to All Clad. However, All Clad is a great and affordable alternative. They are great for camping and searing steaks. Just be aware, not all their product is made in the USA. For nonstick cookware, look at Calphalon. As far as I know, their premeier line is still made in USA. I cant comment on the other lineup. Other brands include Wolf, Viking and USA Pan, they all work well, but in these instance, I would still prefer All Clad.

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