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Best Zabaglione Pot

Zabaglione are a creamy Italian desert that is usually enjoyed over fruit. It has the taste of egg custard with a much more light texture. However, to make Zabaglione, you need to whip up the egg yolk to a airy texture. This method is usually done with a double boiler and any pot can be used. However, the Best Zabaglione Pot are constructed with pure copper. They are the preferred choice among professional chef.

How to Make Zabaglione?

A Zabaglione is a very simple dish, it usually consist of three ingredient, egg yolk, wine and sugar. Whisk the three item together and set it a top of a pot of boiling water. Continue whisking up the mixture becomes foamy and creamy.

There are some Chef that does this right over a flame. They tend to have decades of experience and know the dangers of doing so. The reason why a steam heated pot is better is because the heat is less harsh and will reduce your chance of curdling your food.

Copper is Better

All Copper Zabaglione Pots are unlined for a reason. When you whisk egg white or yolk in a copper, some of the copper leaches into the actual egg. As a result, they stabilize it and help it keeps its structure better. This gives you more time to plate and actually serve the food. Copper Pot that is lined with either stainless steel or tin will not have this type of reaction.

The other benefit of copper is that it transfer the heat of steam better. It makes it cook a little faster so you dont have to do reckless thing like putting the pot over direct flame.

Having said this, having a copper Zabaglione pot is not really necessary. You can still get very good result from a stainless steel or glass pot. Its just preferable to have a copper model.

What about Baine Marie?

A Bain Marie or double boiler is a specialized pot designed for gentle cooking. Traditional french Double Boiler will use a copper base and a porcelain top. As it heats, the porcelain pot will slowly rise in temperature letting you have total control of the temperature. Chocolatiare like these pots so they can temper the chocolate. However, because porcelain does not have the same properties as Copper, it does not perform as well. You still need to use a make shift double boiler though.

Making Zabaglione in Advance

Its best to make Zabaglione right before serving. After 20 minutes, they tend to deflate and lose its airy texture. For the best quality, make it and serve. Besides, your guest will be impressed when you make it right in front of them.

Best Zabaglione Pot List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Zabaglione Pans on the market. They have a few different configuration, choose one that best suit your need. However, I recommend that you just get the copper model. If you are looking for a specialized pot, get one that works.

Bottega del Rame – Copper Polsonetto/Zabaglione Pot (Best Overall)

Want some Old World Italian Cookware? This Zabaglione is completly hand crafted in Italy. You can even customize it slightly for a couple dollar more. Best of all, you are supporting local Italian Artisan. This model comes in slightly hammered unlike most other Zabaglione pan you see on the market. It helps with the overall rigidity and durability of the pot. As with other pot of this class, the handle gets hot.

Mauviel Made In France M’Passion Copper 1.8-Quart Zabaglione Pan (Best Alternative)

Mauviel is one of the Largest French Manufacturer of copper cookware. They have over a hundred years of experience and serve kitchen all around the world. Their Copper Pot is simple and functional. The unlined copper will help you whip up some of the foamiest Zabaglione. Be aware that the brass handle will get hot. Wear a mitt if you can.

Stainless Steel Double Boiler Pot for Melting Chocolate, Candy and Candle Making (Best Buy)

While copper is nice, its pretty expensive. For a truly budget oriented version, you can get this stainless steel model. If fits right over the pot and it has pouring spot. Best of all, the hook locks it in place. If you are just trying to make Zabaglione its a good place to start.

Best Zabaglione Pot Thoughts

A Zabaglione Pot is truly a specialized tool. Copper Models are the best, giving you the most lift and stability. However, they can be expensive for the average cook. Thankfully, there are a lot more affordable options on the market. I recommend you give those a shot before taking the plunge. See if you like the dish, then decide whether you should make the investment.

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