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Copper Chef Titan Pan Review

The Copper Chef Titan Pan has been picking up a lot of attention recently. It has the benefit of a fully cladded cookware with a durable and revolutionary nonstick coating. Its touted to be infused with diamond, nonstick, non scratch and dishwasher safe. Normally, I would dismiss this as another as seen on tv garbage, but really the design impressed even me. However, there are already other brands that uses similar technology.

What does it all mean?

Marketer like to use a lot of different terms that confuses buyer. Often time its just buzzword that makes it sound good. Hopefully, this section will dispell a lot of this. Lets start with the diamond infused nonstick.

Nonstick or teflon is basically plastic. It gives the pan a nonstick coating. However, plastic is actually poor conductor of heat. As a result, they dont sear as well as metal. To get around this, manufacturer will add bits of crystal to improve the heat transfer properties. You might wonder, why diamond? Because diamond actually conducts heat better than metal. They even outperform copper and silver.

Revolutionary Nonstick?

Whats interesting about their nonstick coating is the durability. For some reason they did not advertise about this but it should be discussed. This design is very similar to the one that you see from Hexclad. It has partially raised surface that gives it a unique pattern. On the groove below, there will be nonstick coating.

Hexclad popularized this type of nonstick coating. But I believe it was a copy of an existing design. The Honeycomb Nonstick. I cant confirm which came first, but you can find cheap alternative under different Chinese brand. They features, such as tri ply and honeycomb nonstick is very similar. Just the shape is different.

What I like about this nonstick technology is the metal safe feature. The reason why its metal utensil safe is because the metal is raised. Since the metal is raised, it cant scratch the nonstick underneath.

Why Do you need to Season Copper Chef Titan Pan?

Honestly, the nonstick is not as good as a normal nonstick pan. Since there is so much contact with the stainless steel, it does not work as well. By seasoning it, you give the surface a semi nonstick surface. This is very similar to what you do with cast iron. The only difference is that stainless steel does not hold onto it as well.

I should note that after you season it. The pan will look dirty and filled with unsightly brown and black spots.

Space Saving and Stacking

What is great about the Copper Chef Titan Pan is its space saving ability. Unlike other pans, this one can be stacked. This is great if you have a smaller kitchen or just dont like clutter. The downside is that you need a bit of vertical space for it to work.

What is Tri Ply

The term Tri Ply gets thrown around a lot. Tri Ply is a combination of different metal. In the center, there is a aluminum core. This gives the pan excellent heat conduction. On the inner and outer surface, it has a stainless steel construction for durability and performance. Usually with tri ply cookware, the thickness is uniform from the base to the top. You get the best of both world. I recommend Tri Ply over disc bottom cookware any day.

One thing to note about stove top compatibility. The Stainless Steel exterior means that its compatible with induction cooktop. Normally, aluminum does not have a strong magnetic pull. As a result, it wont work induction.

Copper Chef Titan Pan Searing

The great thing about these pan is that they can sear. Something that you usually dont see with a nonstick pan. Since it has more surface area with stainless steel, it should sear better than your standard nonstick pan. The weight is also a bit heftier. This lets it hold more heat and it wont cool down once you drop food into it.

Is the Copper Chef Titan Pan Worth It?

I say its a nice alternative to traditional nonstick pan. Compare to other similar design, its cheaper and it can stack. This is huge in terms of benefit. I think pricing is competitive as well. Although most people think its overpriced compared to other pan. There are a lot of complains on amazon, but if you have a better understanding of how it works, you can find ways around it. I would say this pan is training wheel for stainless steel pan. If you have stainless steel and a nonstick pan, than you can avoid the Copper Chef Titan Pan.

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