Cuisinart Matte Black Collection Review

Cuisinart Matte Black Collection is the newest line of cookware by Cuisinart. They are now utilizing titanium to reinforce the ceramic to make it more durable. This new titanium reinforced nonstick cookware is PTFE, PFOA and PFOS free. Meaning it should be safe for anyone cooking these pans.

cuisinart matte black collection features

Here is a quick summary of all the features cuisinart matte black collection has.
-Titanium Non Stick Ceramic.
– Heavy Gauge Aluminum Core
– Easy Grip and Heat resistant Silicone Handle
– Oven Safe to 350 F
– Lifetime Warranty

Cuisinart Matte Black Collection Design


The handle is a very simple design. It is attached to the pan via two rivets. The metal portion of the handle runs to the end and it is covered by Silicone to prevent heat transfer. Near the base of the handle, there is a heat chock to prevent the transfer of heat. In general, any handle with a plastic or silicone handle will not transfer heat. You wont burn your hand when you cook with these pans.
In the center of the handle, there is a divot for your thum. This is mainly for ergonomic reason. And in general, this handle is very comfortable to hold. The loop for it is kinda useless though, its much too thick and takes a lot of room when you hang it.
The Handles on the pots and pans seems nice and big. However, there are also exposed metal on the side of the handle. I highly recommend that you still wear gloves when handling it. It is very easy for you to burn yourself if you accidentally touch the side.


The shape is a very much like a traditional french skillet. Its a pan with a gentle slope upward. This lets you turn food with ease like all cookware should. It seems to be lacking any rolled lip. Liquid will drip to the side of the pan when you pour liquid. This was probably done to save cost. To add a rolled lip, they would have to add an additional step in manufacturing.
Looking at all the other cookware in the series, it seems like none of it has a rolled lip, including a saucepan. Unless you are experienced with pouring liquid, I would avoid the saucepan at least.

Material Used

The cuisinart matte black collection is only painted black. Overtime expect the black finish to get dulled and scratched. I doubt the durability of the paint especially if you constantly move it across the cast iron trivet.
At its core, the pan is made out of Aluminum. Aluminum is one of the best conductor of heat and it transfer heat better than both cast iron and Stainless Steel. Just be aware, these type of aluminum pans are prone to warping. Other manufactures get around this by putting a stainless steel base on the bottom. This also makes it induction capable.
The interior is brown colored ceramic non stick. They claimed that its infused with titanium but I doubt how titanium can actually improve its durability. If you think about it, hardened stainless steel itself is already harder than most utensil that you use. Using titanium sounds more like a gimmick than anything else. This is not to say its not more durable, it just sounds like its more for marketing. I tried to find some scientific journals on this subject but was unsuccessful.

Oven Safe?

The cookware is only oven safe up to 350 F. The reason for this is mainly because of the plastic handle. Although it is mainly silicone, I see some plastic pieces on it. I can be wrong. I personally wouldn’t put any cookware with plastic or silicone handle unless I am not afraid of ruining it.
Also from what I read it seems like Ceramic can reached a higher temperature than Teflon. Which traditionally will degrade rapidly above 500 degree F.

cuisinart matte black collection Thoughts

This is your standard ceramic non stick cookware. The main issue that I have with this set is the handle. Although it is comfortable, the silicone and plastic design limits the versatility of the pan. The oven temperature limit seems to be 350 f which is pretty low to me. Also on the pots, the sides have exposed metal increasing the risk that it might burn your hand. I recommend that you wear gloves when handling it. Other than that its a pretty good nonstick set of cookware.
It seems like Amazon do not sell this line of cookware yet. This version seems to popup when you search for it, but its not the same one. But you can purchase it from Kohls

I hope you like this Cuisinart Matte Black Collection Review, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

2 Comments on “Cuisinart Matte Black Collection Review

April 14, 2020 at 7:35 am

I own this set (and the previous older ceramic version in blue) and I absolutely love these! No issues with the handle getting hot. No issues with sticking! In fact I don’t even use a spatula to flip eggs in my small frying pan, I just flip it with the flick of my wrist! That being said, to keep your nonstick surface for a long period of time, do NOT run the pan, while it’s hot, under cold water, and when possible, make sure you leave the food out on the counter for 10-15 minutes to slightly warm up, as cold on a hot non stick surface will slowly wear out any nonstick pan. I’ve had this set for about 6 months or so, (the blue one for 5+ years) and with a lifespan of 3-4 years for nonstick pans, I love the price point, and the quality.

Curated Cook
April 14, 2020 at 5:14 pm

Thank you for sharing your experience. I am sure this will be helpful to people looking to buy this set.


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