Demeyere vs All Clad Cookware

Demeyere vs All Clad Cookware, which is better? Demeyere is a Belgium cookware manufacturer that has been in business for over a hundred year. In 2008 they were acquired by Zwilling. If you look at their line of cookware, it actually shares a lot of similarities with zwilling sensation line. Most notably, the silvinox finish and the rivet less design.

All Clad is an American cookware manufacturer that has been in business for around 50 years. Since that time, they have pioneered the fully cladded cookware. It has been so successful, that pretty much all the other cookware manufacturer replicate this design. There are many different variations of this cladded design. Some with a copper core, others with just a aluminum. They all have different price point and performance. Demeyere, also have something similar to the different cladding that All Clad provide. This article will compare and contrast the difference between the two brand.

Demeyere Industry5 vs All Clad D5 Quick Summary

Demeyere Industry5

All Clad
ColorsBrushedBrushed and Polished
Brand AwarenessAmerica and EuropeAmerica
WeightMid WeightMid Weight
Country of ManufacturerBelgiumAmerica
ThoughtsA well designed pan. Handle is better than All Clad but the pan is more like a saucier. Not really a traditional Skillet.Classic example of how a frying pan should be. Low sides and rolled lip to promote evaporation. Handle is still horrible.
Reviewed CookwareDemeyere Industry 5 9.5-inch SkilletAll-Clad D5 10 inch Fry Pan

What is Fully Cladded

A cookware that is fully cladded means that the metal used in the cookware, is uniform. Manufacturer rolls different layers of metal into one. And then they will typically stamp it out with a hydraulic press. The end result is that the thickness of the metal, is the same from the base to the walls. This ensures that the heating pattern will be even throughout the pan. Fully cladded cookware also lets you use the best properties of metal. Stainless Steel has a low thermal conductivity but wont stain or react with acidic food. Whereas aluminum has a high thermal conductivity but will react with acidic food. By placing the stainless steel on the outside, you get the benefit of stainless steel, while maintaining the thermal conductivity of aluminum.

Disc Bottom Cookware

Another cheaper way that manufacturer often employ is the disc bottom cookware. What they do in this situation is fuse a thick bottom to the base of the cookware. The general idea behind this cookware is that you need a thick bottom to store heat. This way, the pan wont loose heat when you drop food into the pan. If you have a thin bottom, heat will be lost rapidly and food will steam. The issue with this is that the bottom and the side will heat up at different rates. Since the sidewalls are considerably thinner, they will heat up a lot quicker. What will happen is that food near the walls of disc bottom cookware will burn. While in the center, it will barely be cold. Because of this, Fully Cladded cookware is preferred over disc bottom cookware. In general, it is best to avoid disc bottom cookware.

Demeyere Industry5 vs All Clad D5 Design

Demeyere currently has a line called the Industry5. It matches the D5 line that All Clad has. Both line of cookware has 5 layers of metal and both are great for searing food. We will do an in depth comparison between the two line.

Demeyere vs All Clad Handle Design

The design of a handle affects how comfortable the cookware is. If you cook in a professional kitchen, overtime, you will develop sores and ache if the handle is not designed properly. It can also affect how easy it is to maneuver the pan. Which is why I place such a great importance on handle design.

Demeyere Industry5 Handle

I am really impressed by how their handle is designed. Instead of rivets, they welded the handle to the pot. This gives a seamless interior which makes things easier to clean. On the base, there is a Y heat choke to prevent heat transfer. Combine that with the stainless steel handle, the chance of it heating up on the stove is unlikely. The handle is also textured so that you can maintain a grip even if your hand is greasy.
The one issue that I have is how square and wide it is. It is simply not comfortable in the long run. It does have a slight taper to allow for a more comfortable grip though. There is a upside to this, a flat like handle lets you have more control over the pan. In a rounded handle, even though its more comfortable, when you turn the pan, the pan will turn as well.

All Clad D5 Handle

All Clad on the other hand, they have one of the most hated handle in the industry. It has a center divot which forms a cup. This cup will push the two sharp edges into the palm of your hand. Many people simply avoid all clad because of this design. The good thing about this is that it lets you maintain control of the pan. When you turn it, the handle will latch onto the palm of your hand. The chance of it roatating is low. It also stays cools for a long period of time.
Recently, I have been seeing new handle design by All Clad. This has a rounder base that does not hurt as much. You can find it on their C4 and ltd cookware line. Every once in a while, you might find it in the d3 or d5 line. Even though it is better, it is still not perfect. Ironically, their Thomas Keller line have one of the best handle I have ever used. It is simply amazing.

Demeyere vs All Clad Shape

The shape of a pot or pan affects the performance of the pan. A wide base lets you sear food in less batch. A lower sidewall promotes evaporation of liquid. All of these thing are factor to consider when selecting a cookware. This section will primarily review the skillet’s shape between the two line.

Demeyere Industry5 Shape

The shape of Demeyere Industry5 skillet resembles that of a french skillet. Although on a typical french skillet, the lip are not rolled and the sidewall are lower. In interior is rounded to allow for easy whisking of the sauce. The major downside to this skillet is simply the height of the sidewall. It makes it difficult to flip food with a spatula. It resembles more like a cross between a frying pan and a saute pan. The upside to this is that it will hold more liquid. You can also toss food a little easier, but that requires skill on the cook. Overall, its a good design, just not for a frying pan. I would classify this more as a specialty skillet.

All Clad D5 Shape

The shape of All Clad skillet is the gold standard on how a frying pan should be. It has low flaring side that promotes evaporation of liquid. It also allows you to easily turn food. The rolled lip lets you turn food with ease. It also have ample space for searing food. Overall All Clad skillet is more well designed.

Demeyere vs All Clad Lid

A lot of people dont pay attention to the lid. But a good tight fitting lid, can prevent evaporation of liquid. It can also help you steam food and accelerate cooking.


I am simply amazed by the design of their lid. It is incredibly heavy duty and thick. I think it shares the same thickness of their pot. This is great because it means that the chance of steam escaping is lower. Quite frankly, no other manufacturer makes lids of this thickness anymore. Not only that, they have a “Thermo Lid” technology, which basically means double wall. A double wall surface prevent heat from getting transferred. What that means is that it will stay cool for longer. It is also brushed so that it wont stain overtime.

All Clad

All Clad lid is great and I never had issues with it warping. However, it is also considerably thinner than their cookware. Although it is a great design, it is simply not as good as Demeyere. Demeyere wins this round.

Demeyere vs All Clad Exterior and Interior Finish

The exterior and Interior finish of a cookware affects how easy it is to clean the pan. It can also affect how much food sticks to the pan. Although with stainless steel cookware, how you cook the food is more important.


Both the interior and exterior is brushed. For the interior, there is a common train of thought that rough surface promotes adhesion. For cast iron cookware, those collectors want a smooth interior because they think that makes it more non stick. When in reality, it is the seasoning that makes it non stick. A rougher surface will actually maintain the seasoning better than a smooth surface. This same principle can be applied on the a brushed stainless steel interior. If you are so inclined, you can even season the it.
The exterior is interesting, they claim that they have a proprietary silvinox finish. Apparently they used a “electrochemical surface treatments that removes iron and impurities” to prevent surface stain. While it may be true, I personally believe a brushed finish is actually more beneficial in preventing stains. The knicks and scratches will be hidden by its inherent design. More than likely, the pan will build up oil stains and that will darken regardless of the Silvinox finish.

All Clad

The interior of all clad is a simple conical design. It was most likely done by a lathe machine. Overtime, it will get scratches and marred. In this instance, a brushed interior is actually better. A scratch on a brushed interior will simple be hidden.
On the exterior, depending on the pan, they will have either a polished or a brushed exterior. Scratches can and will occur over time. This is why a brushed exterior is better, on the d5 line, they are typically brushed. Interesting enough, All Clad cookware with a polished exterior actually have the bottom brushed. This was probably done to promote heat absorption. A shiny reflective surface actually deflects heat.

Fit and Finish

Fit and Finish for both cookware is excellent. You are unlikely to find flaws or nicks anywhere. You wont be disappointing with either brand.

Demeyere vs All Clad Thoughts

I got to say, I am really impressed with Demeyere. I did not expect this level of quality from their cookware. From the rivetless handle to the finish, it is simply amazing. They are definitely giving All Clad a run for its money. Although I do like their skillet, I would still say that in terms of cooking performance, All Clad is better. And the only reason for this is because of its shape. On a traditional skillet, you need a low flaring side like All Clad. Demeyere skillet is more like a cross of a skillet and a saute pan. However, in terms of all other aspect, demeyere is better. But if you want a skillet, go for All Clad. For other cookware, like the sauce pot, I would probably go with Demeyere.

I hope you enjoyed this Demeyere vs All Clad Cookware Review. If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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