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La Marque 84 vs All Clad Copper Core Skillet

La Marque 84 vs All Clad, is there a difference between the two brands? La Marque is line of cookware made by Sur La Table. Their 5 ply skillet most resembles that of All Clad copper core line. However, is one better than the other? This comparison will look and talk about the difference between the two. We will go through handle, shape, and price differences.

La Marque 84 vs All Clad Quick Summary

La Marque 84

All Clad
ColorsPolished SteelPolished Steel
Brand AwarenessAmerica LimitedAmerica
WeightMid WeightMid Weight
Country of ManufacturerChinaAmerica
ThoughtsGreat value skillet that includes a skillet. The handle design is better but shape of the skillet is inferior. While the price is competitive, I question how long Sur La Table will support the cookware line.Classic example of how a frying pan should be. Low sides and rolled lip to promote evaporation. The price is also competitive when its on sale. Handle is still horrible.
Reviewed CookwareLa Marque 12 inch skilletAll Clad 12 inch Copper Core

Why a Copper Core?

There are various reason why manufacturer choose to use a copper core. First and foremost, copper is the best conductor of heat. It can transfer heat better than the likes of Aluminum, cast iron or stainless steel. As such, it is always good when they use copper in their cookware.

Some of you might wonder, why not use straight copper. Well, copper is expensive. In a profit driven world, anything to save money is better. Something that might cost a few dollar for a consumer will result in millions for a company.

Another reason is that copper is reactive. With acidic food, it will impart a metallic taste to the food. To get around this, manufacturer needs to line the cookware with a stainless or tin lining. This way, food wont turn acidic nor will it react. This also goes for staining. Copper will Patina quickly while stainless steel will keep its shine.

Both La Marque 84 and All Clad have a five ply design to their skillet. This way it overcomes the limitation of the copper, while still maintaining some of its heat benefits. On top of that, since copper isnt magnetic. Using a stainless Steel exterior, their cookware is now induction capable.

La Marque 84 vs All Clad Design

This section will go through the individual aspect of the two company design. This range from handle, shape and price.


Handle design is very important for a skillet. It affects how heavy it feels, the comfort level and general ergonomics.

La Marque 84 (Winner)

The handle design on their line of cookware is very well thought out. It has a large heat choke to prevent the handle from getting hot. The handle is flat on top with rounded sides. This gives you a comfortable grip while preventing it from rotating in your hand. The only issue is the two rivets, I would have preferred three rivets.

All Clad

All Clad has the worst reputation in the industry for handle design. The two sharp edges digs into your hand when you use it. Overtime, this will cause aches and sores. The upside to this design is that it digs into your hand and provide phenomenal grip. It also manages to stay cool while on the stove top. However, because of the pain inducing handle, La Marque 84 win this round.

La Marque 84 vs All Clad Shape

The shape of a skillet will affect things like user friendliness, evaporation speed and functionality.

La Marque 84

The design on La Marque 84 skillet is very similar to that of a traditional french skillet. The major difference is the inclusion of the rolled lip. Most manufacturer forego this step to save cost. However, a rolled lip is critical to allow for easy pouring of liquids. This is especially important for a skillet when you are finishing a sauce. You dont want that stuff that you worked for to fall on the floor.
The height of the sidewall is the major draw back. It does not flare out as much as I would like. This will reduce evaporation speed and make it difficult to flip food with a spatula. But, if you learn how to toss food without a spatula, this design will actually help in tossing.

All Clad (Winner)

All Clad skillet shape is the best in the industry. Funny how its in contrast with their handle. But the corner rises gradually to prevent any sharp corner. Its sidewall are lows to help reduce liquid and turning food with a spatula. The lips are also beautifully rolled to aid in pouring of liquid. Overall, you cannot beat the design of All Clad skillet. They are simply the best.

La Marque 84 vs All Clad Price and Warranty

This section will discuss the price and warranty of the two company.

La Marque 84

La Marque 84 offers a very Affordable Price for their skillet. At msrp, you can expect to pay roughly half of what you will pay for All Clad. Not to mention their skillet also includes a skillet. The constructions are very similar and they both offer a lifetime warranty. However, the major thing is that La Marque 84 is ultimately a brick and mortar store, not a cookware manufacturer. I question how long they will keep making this line of cookware. Whether they will honor the warranty if they kill the line.

All Clad (Winner)

All Clad has been around since the 50’s. So far, I have not heard of any issues with their warranty. At msrp, it is around twice of La Marque 84, but in reality, the Price at Amazon is around 40 dollar more. So really its not that much difference. You dont get a lid, but its made in America and you can be confident that All Clad will be around. While both are good value, unless La Marque 84 is on sale, I will go for All Clad. Assuming the price stays competitive.

La Marque 84 vs All Clad Thought

Both manufacture make good skillets. However, ultimately, I think All Clad provides the best design and value. While their handle is still horrible, the shape is good. On sale, it is comparable with that of La Marque 84. You can also reliably depend on their warranty. I doubt that the company will go out of business anytime soon.

I hope you found this La Marque 84 vs All Clad Copper Core Skillet Review to be informative, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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