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Made in Cookware Review vs All Clad

Made in Cookware is a new company started in 2016. They have one of the oddest name in the industry but I suppose thats what made them famous. They have a direct to consumer model which supposedly lowers the price. What this means is that the manufacturer sells right to the buyer. It seems that recently, their marketing scheme is to partner up with celebrity chef to market their ware. So far, it seems to be working. But the question is, how is their cookware? Is it really that much better and is it better than other manufacturer like All Clad?

Made in Cookware vs All Clad Quick Summary

CategoriesFrying Pans
Made In 12 Inch Skillet

All Clad 12 Inch D5 Non Stick Skillet
ColorsBrushed SteelBrushed Steel
Metal Utensil SafeYesYes
Brand AwarenessAmericaAmerica
WeightMid WeightMid Weight
Stove TopAll Stove Top Including InductionAll Stove Top Including Induction
WarrantyLifetime WarrantyLifetime Warranty
Country of ManufacturerAmericaAmerica
ThoughtsIts a pretty good skillet, but it also looks like a copy of All Clad Skillet. The handle is better but the warranty and longevity of the company is questionable.All Clad has one of the best Skillet in the industry. The only issue is the handle. However, they have a lifetime warranty and you can be assure that it will last a lifetime.
Reviewed CookwareMade In 12 inch SkilletAll Clad 12 inch d5

What is Fully Cladded Cookware?

A Fully Cladded Cookware combines different layers of metal into one. That metal is then stamped out and formed into a shape. This lets the cookware use the best properties of the different metal. In general, these type of cookware are considered to be the best in the industry.

All Clad pioneered this technology and held the patent for years. However. ever since their patent expire, there has been a lot of copies.

If you look at the configuration of All Clad and Made in, you will see that it is very similar. It consists of Stainless, Aluminum Alloy, Stainless, Aluminum Allow and Stainless Steel.

The stainless steel are used on the outer and the inner portion because they are non reactive. However, they are poor conductor of heat. The Core is made of Aluminum for fast heat conduction. I am assuming the center stainless steel lets it retain its heat better. By following this configuration, you get the best of both world.

Made in Cookware vs All Clad Design

This section will talk about the design difference between Made in Cookware and All Clad. We will review the design, handle, warranty, shape and overall user friendliness.


The handle is one of the most important because it affects ergonomics the most. Odd angles and balance can cause undue stress on your wrist. For this reason, manufacturer needs to pay attention to how its designed.

Made In Handle

The handle on Made In Cookware is similar to All Clad but more comfortable. In the center, there is a divot to improve grip. Instead of a curve U shape, the handle is more flat and rounded to reduce fatigue. Near the base of the handle, there is a small notch for your index finger, much like All Clad. Overall, it is a comfortable handle that helps you maintain grip.

All Clad

All Clad for their painful handle design. For whatever reason, they were reluctant to change it. It was not until recently that they tried a more rounded handle in the LTD and C4 line.

Nevertheless, the handle has U cuve that tapers inward. The U curve gives it two sharp edges that digs into your hand. This gives you a secure grip and wont rotate when you turn it. Near the base, there is a notch to help in control.

What is great about this handle is that it stays cool. I never once had to use a glove when cooking on the stove top.

Made in Cookware vs All Clad Shape

This section discuses how the pan are shaped. The shape of a skillet affects the evaporation, usability, and performance of the pan.

Made In Cookware Shape

The shape that Made In has is almost identical to that of All Clad. The sides rises gradually and it has no sharp edges. The lips are rolled to improve the pouring of the liquid. However, it seems to be more extended than All Clad. Overall, its a great shape.

All Clad Shape

The shape of All Clad is simply perfect. It is no wonder that Made In design is so similar. The low flaring sides lets you flip food with ease. It also aids in evaporation of liquid. Pans with high sidewall retain moisture and steam food. Overall, All Clad is better and cannot be beat.

Price and Warranty

The price of Made In cookware at MSRP is almost half of All Clad. They carry a lifetime warranty and their support is generally good.

But here is the thing, they are a startup. All Clad has been in business for over 50 years. Will Made In Cookware be around in 10 or 20 year time?

That lifetime warranty wont really amount to much if they go out of business. Not only that, I heard of some quality control issue in regard to the center bowing. This causes oil to pool on the outer edge of the pan. I would use this information and use the best judgement for your situation.

Direct to Consumer Cheaper?

So one of the biggest marketing point is the direct to consumer model. Because of this model, madein cookware is cheaper than the competition.

However, if you take a closer look at the actual price of the product and not the MSRP, you will see that there isnt much of a difference. The MSRP is just a suggestion and often time manufacturer will just list it high.

If you check the price of All Clad on Amazon, you will find that its pretty affordable.

Made in Cookware Review vs All Clad Thoughts

While Made In Cookware is pretty good, I still give the edge to All Clad. They are a bit cheaper but I will gladly take All Clad over Made In due to the warranty. Made In is a relatively new company and All Clad has been around for over 50 years. I will trust that heritage over a start up anyday. I will say this, the handle on Made In is a lot better than All Clad.

I hope you found this Made in Cookware Review vs All Clad to be informative, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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