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Soy Turkiye Copper Cookware Review

Soy Turkiye is a relatively new cookware company. The company was started by Emir Ali Enç around the year 2010. They have two major type of cookware, silver and copper. This review will focus on Soy Turkiye Copper Cookware but we will also discuss their all silver cookware as well. For more information about their company and history, I recommend that you watch Vice’s video about the company. It is very informative and you get an idea about how their cookware is made.

Soy Turkiye Copper Cookware Quick Summary

Soy Turkiye Copper Rondeau
ColorsHammered Copper
Brand AwarenessEurope and America
Country of ManufacturerTurkey
WarrantyHeritage Lifetime Warranty
ThoughtsA well designed copper cookware with questionable taste in handle design. While there are some issue with customer service, they offer quite a generous warranty. Only issue is that they are a new company, how long will the last.
Reviewed CookwareSoy Rondeau

Silver, Silver Lined or Tin Lined Cookware

The lining and the material that they use is what set them apart from all the other manufacturer. Soy Turkiye offers cookware in tin or silver lining. Most manufacturer these day do not manufacturer copper cookware with silver lining. This is mostly due to cost. It simply does not warrant the price tag. While Silver is better than tin, this increase in price mostly affects the manufacturer. It will literally cost them millions of dollar to manufacturer cookware with silver lining. The consumer wont care about this and they will see only the price increase. Once the price increase, demand will go down. For a business, its not a good choice.

However, there are a few benefits that it has over tin. Silver is more durable and it conduct heats better. The melting point of silver is at 1,763°F, well above what you can do at home. Tin melting point is at 449.5°F, quite a bit lower. Also, silver itself actually conduct heat better than copper, around 17% better.

For this reason, Soy Turkiye produces an all silver cookware. As such, you can expect the price to be quite a bit higher. If you do want an all silver cookware, expect to pay around 5 k for the same equivalent copper pan. It comes to a point of diminishing return. The amount of money that you put into a pan will yield lesser gains in terms of value. But some people just have too much money.

Soy Turkiye Copper Cookware Design

This section will go over the different parts of Soy Turkiye Copper Cookware. We will see how its constructed and discuss whether its actually a well made pan.


While most manufacturer uses a cast iron or Brass Handle. Theirs is cast in Bronze. Their “Patented Alloy” apparently reduces heat transfer and stays cool to the touch. Interesting enough, the bronze handle still look brass. The design of the handle is also interesting. On the skillet, it has a trident like apperance. This gap between the fork prevent heats from transferring. It is flat so that it wont rotate in your hand. The curves around the handle also allows for a good ergonomic grip. While it is not really pretty, it is quite functional.

The handle on their rondeau looks even more ugly, it looks like a coat hanger. What were they thinking? Looks aside, the hook is small and it will make it difficult to get a good grip. Something you really do not want especially if you are carrying heavy hot liquid.


The shape of the skillet and the Rondeau looks similar. But from what I can see, the sidewall on the rondeau is a little taller. The skillet has lower flaring side, this lets you turn food with ease. It also aids in the evaporation of liquid. The side also rises gradually unlike other frying pan. Having a gentle slope lets you whisk sauce easily and prevents food from getting stuck. In general, both their rondeau and frying pan is well designed. The bumpy hammered surface might get a little annoying but it wont be noticeable after a while. Also, it lacks a rolled lip, this means that pouring liquid will be difficult.

Soy Turkiye Copper Cookware Thickness

In general the thicker the copper the better. Soy Turkiye offers a range of thickness from 2 – 3 mm. That is right at the optimal thickness range. Thin copper will loose heat too fast and its unfavorable. Copper cookware that is too thick will loose its heat responsiveness. It is unfortunate that most french manufacturer these day produce thin cookware to cater to the masses. While they heat up fast, they are horrible for searing food.

Hammered Finish

Copper is a soft metal. If you use a thin gauge copper, hammering is necessary to anneal it. This work hardens it and helps the pot keep its shape. However, for the thickness of Soy Cookware it is unecessary. I believe it was done mostly for vanity reason. I also find it to be a little excessive. I much prefer the subtle hammering of Italian and French Cookware.

Price, Customer Service and Warranty

They are a new company based in Turkey. There are distributor across the global but most likely you will deal with distributor. The customer service of those distributor can vary. I have also heard and dealt with rudeness issue with Soy customer service but that could have been due to a language barrier.

Since they are a newer company, they have to price their product competitively. For that reason, if you only care about the cookware itself, it is quite a bargain. You get a 2.5 mm copper cookware with silver lining. This is something that you cannot get from French Copper Cookware anymore.

The warranty is also quite generous. They ensure the warranty for the life of the product, regardless of the owner. Meaning that if you buy it second hand, your warranty is still in effect. They called this the Heritage Warranty. The tin and Silver lining is warrantied for life. All you need to do is send it back to them and they will retin it. No other company offer this. How long this last is another question. We still do not know how long their company will last. It is also unknown whether they will change the warranty down the line. So it is a bit of a gamble but what they offer is quite impressive.


Overall, I am impressed by what they have to offer. They use a thick sheet of copper for their cookware. Their tinning is lifetime warrantied unlike other manufacturer. Also the warranty is transferable. I just dont like how their handle looks, quite frankly it looks pretty ugly. At its current price, its a bargain compared to the other French manufacturer. Let’s just hope that they are around long enough. They are a new company and how long the company will last is something else.

I hope you found this Soy Turkiye Copper Cookware Review to be informative, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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