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T Fal Professional Non Stick Cookware Set Review

T Fal Professional Non Stick Cookware is their response to the induction craze. Ever since induction stove top came onto the scene, manufacturer has been scrambling to make induction compatible cookware. But in order to do so, they need to do some major manufacturing changes. The question is, how well does T Fal does this? They are one of the biggest player in the non stick cookware industry. Surely they can do it properly…right?

T Fal Professional Non Stick Cookware Set Quick Summary

T Fal Professional Non Stick Cookware Set
CompatibilityGas, Electric, Halogen, Glass Top, Induction
Oven Temperature400 degrees Fahrenheit
WarrantyLife Time Warranty
Brand AwarenessWorld Famous
Country of ManufacturerUnclear Probably China
ThoughtsA great cookware set that has everything you need. It is quite affordable and induction capable. T Fal is one of the best known nonstick cookware around, you cant go wrong. Just be aware of the limitation of non stick cookware and dont expect it to last forever.
Reviewed CookwareT Fal Professional Fry Pan and Pots

Who is T-Fal?

T Fal is a french manufacturer of cookware. It was started in 1954 by Marc Gregoire. He initially coated his fishing gear in teflon, but thanks to his wife recommendation, he did it to the cookware. Ever since then, T fal has became a staple in homes throughout the world.

The company is know under a French Consortium that has some of the following brand. All Clad, Krups, Moulinex, Rowenta, and WMF group. Interesting how almost all the different brand of cookware, usually falls under one giant corporation. They probably due to this for marketing and tax purpose.

T Fal Professional Non Stick Cookware Design

This section will discuss the construction and design of T Fal Professional Non Stick Cookware. We will look at different aspect of the cookware, from the handle, shape to ergonomics.


The handle is a very typical non stick cookware design. The handle is covered in silicone to prevent it from getting hot and improving grip. Near the base, there are ridges that improves the grip for your finger. While these type of design are great, they are usually the limit for oven safe temperature. Luckily, this cookware set has a pretty high heat tolerance. They rate their cookware to be oven safe until 400 degree Fahrenheit. In their cookware set, there is a 1 egg pan, that is made very cheap and it shows. The handle feels like cheap plastic and it looks like it will snap. But it does make very good single serving eggs.


The shape of the cookware in this set is pretty basic but functional. Other manufacturer will develop odd shape like All Clad HA1, but sometimes simple is better. The frying pan is a generic french skillet design, no rolled lip and slightly tall sidewall. These are great for tossing food but they make it hard to flip food with a spatula.

The pots are a very simple straight sidewall design. Great for boiling and heating up liquid. Their dutch oven is also more wide than tall. This lets you sear food in one batch, saving you time. A wider base dutch oven is preferable over taller one since it lets you stir and move food around easier.

T Fal Thermo Spot

This is T Fal indicator to tell you that the pan is hot enough. It hopes to eliminate any guess work invovled. My experience with this is that it does not work. While it does change color once the temperature is hot enough, most of the time I see it at an angle. To get that heat spot to work, you need to look directly over it. If you ever tried that, the heat will eventually heat up your face. For that reason, this thermo spot is basically useless. I could never get an accurate reading.


This set is basically a kitchen arsenal. You get 3 skillets, 2 sauce pot 1 dutch oven with a pasta strainer. They even threw in some kitchen utensils. You should be able to cook anything you would need to do at home.

T Fal Professional Non Stick Cookware Set Induction Capability

For a pan to be induction capable, it needs to have a strong magnetic pull. Most non stick cookware only has a aluminum construction. The reason for this is two fold. Aluminum is cheap and its a great conductor of heat. However, it has a very weak magnetic pull and it tends to warp. By adding a stainless steel base, it makes the base stronger and it gives it a strong magnetic pull. You can usually tell if its a induction capable if the pan has a silver base. Either that or use a magnetic.

Another positive to this design is the increase mass. Since the pan is now essentially heavier, it should hold more heat than a traditional non stick pan. This should help you sear food like steaks better. Although I recommend doing that in a cast iron skillet. You can compromise the longevity of the non stick coating.

Non Stick Coating

The non stick coating is made with Teflon. How it is usually applied is by sand blasting the pan then painting the teflon on. It is then baked in the oven to finish it. The biggest issue with Non Stick coating and any non stick pan is the durability. Once the coating goes, so does the pan. Your pan will typically last one or two years, depending on how you treat it. For that reason, its not really recommended to spend too much on a nonstick pan.

Prolonging the Life of Non Stick Cookware

There are two things that you can do to prolong the life of your cookware.
1) Never use a metal utensils. I know that they said that their cookware is metal utensil safe. I suspect that they just said that so you will buy it. They can probably make more money this way since they are charging you more. Nonetheless, since they have a lifetime warranty, they cannot deny you for that. More on this later.
2) Do not overheat the pan. At temperature of 500 degree Fahrenheit. The nonstick coating will degrade rapidly. If you heat the pan to 572 degree fahrenheit, fumes can start emitting from the pan. These fumes are capable of making you feel flu like symptons. This is known as Teflon Flu. It has been known to kill small bird. Not so much humans though.


With that being said, they have a lifetime warranty. As long as you do not mistreat the pan, they should honor it. However, what is consider as mistreatment is up to them. You have to send in the pan to get it evaluated. If you should fail that evaluation, you just lost the cost of your shipping. For that reason, its probably cheaper, better and faster to just get another pan. The price point of a new pan will make a lot more sense.

T Fal Professional Non Stick Cookware Thoughts

T Fal is your traditional non stick cookware. They are the one who made it famous around the world and you cannot go wrong. The price that they are asking for their set is very reasonable and if one pot should fail, you can replace it easily. Their professional series is induction capable, so if you are looking for that capability, this is the way to go.

I hope you like this T Fal Professional Non Stick Cookware Set Review, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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