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Tramontina vs Calphalon Hard Anodized Cookware Set

Tramontina vs Calphalon Hard Anodized Cookware, is Calpalon worth it? Both Tramontina and Calphalon are considered to be mid tiered cookware manufacturer. Most of their cookware are set at reasonable and affordable prices. What does surprise me is the price that Calphalon are asking for their more premium set. On amazon, it can be an average of 400 dollar more for their set. In general, I recommend never to spend more than 20 dollar for a non stick cookware. Once the coating goes, that expensive pan belongs in the trash. Nevertheless, this comparison between Tramontina and Calpahlon will take a closer look at their line up. We will see who is better and which brand to get.

Quick Summary


Brand AwarenessAmericaAmerica
Pouring LipOnly SkilletNo
ThoughtsGreat Set of Cookware, handles might get slippery if your hand is greasy. Limited Oven Temp of 350 f.Great selection of cookware, better handle design but lack helper handle. Higher temp limit of 450 f.
Reviewed CookwareTramontina 15-Piece Hard Anodized CookwareCalphalon Classic Pots And Pans Set, 10-Piece (Better Overall)

What is Hard Anodized Cookware

Hard Anodized cookware is non stick cookware, whose nonstick base was electroplated on. Manufacturer will often times do this so that the outer coating will be be a different metal. But underneath, it will be steel, copper, aluminum or whatever they choose. Apparently when they hard anoidzed non stick cookware, it is more durable than your traditional non stick.

Tramontina vs Calphalon Hard Anodized Design

This section will go through the different features of Tramontina and Calpahlon. We will be looking at the handle, design and shape of their cookware set.


A handle can make or break a cookware. Some people have been known to avoid manufacturer based on the handle alone. i.e All Clad. But that doesnt stop manufacturer from producing it. As long as they can make a profit, they will keep on making it. Use this section to help you make a decision.


The handle on their hard anodized cookware are pretty well designed and comfortable. It has a slight texture to improve grip. The base has a Y shape to act as a heat choke. And the handle is made of stainless steel to prevent heat transfer. The way the handle is angled, gives your hand a comfortable grip when you are holding it from above. It also has a nice taper and belly on the bottom so that it will fit your hand better. Now the major issue with the handle is that its very rounded. When you have greasy hand, it will turn very easily. Just be aware of that when you pour. Luckily, there are helper handle on the larger pots.


The handle on Calphalon are also pretty well designed. It has a slight brushed texture to improve grip. The base has a small heat choke to prevent heat transfer. And its also made of stainless steel. The handle has a slight taper and angle to give a comfortable grip. The major difference between Tramontina is that its a square handle. This is actually a plus. You will get a better grip on the pot when you turn it. However, they do not have a helper handle on their set. I personally would prefer a helper handle over a square handle. If you can have both it will be even better.

Tramontina vs Calphalon Shape

The shape of the cookware can affect how your food cooks. From the diameter to the rolled lip. These thing affect how heat is conducted and a poorly designed cookware can affect it greatly.


The set that I linked have 15 pieces. Quite frankly, you cant be disappointed. They basically have everything you need for a full kitchen. In general, almost all of them are well designed. The grill pan has low grill though, so if you really need one, I recommend just getting one from Lodge. The stockpot lets you make stock with a gentle simmer. And the frying pan has flared and rolled lip like a traditional skillet should. Sadly, none of their sauce pot have a rolled lip. This will make pouring liquid difficult.


The 10 piece set by Calpahlon is a little more limited, but you can do everything that the Tramontina can. I would like a smaller sauce pot though. In terms of the skillet, that is more like a traditional french skillet. Having a rolled lip and flared sides are better though. In fact, just having rolled lip would be better. None of these cookware have a lip.

Tramontina vs Calphalon Temperature Limit

Interesting thing is that Tramontina have a oven temperature of 350 F but Calpahlon has it at 450 F. This makes me wonder why its different. Usually, the coating starts to deteriorate at 500 F above. Also the coating shouldn’t release any toxic chemical until 662 f degree plus. It’s possible that Tramontina uses a inferior coating but I cant say for sure.


Both manufacturer use a glass lid. The though is that you can look at your food while cooking. But what happens is that steam will build and you can see in anyways. Its better to have metal lid. This way you wont have to worry about breaking it. Both company receive negative mark for this. But some people like it.

Tramontina vs Calphalon Thoughts

Both cookware sets are good. They also cost similarly. I would say that calphalon has an edge due to its handle design and temperature limit. Other than that, I would just get whatever is cheaper. The problem with non stick is the coating. Once its gone, so is the pan. Just buy the cheapest one possible. I still dont know why their premier space saving one cost around 500 dollar…

I hope you enjoyed this Tramontina vs Calphalon Hard Anodized Cookware set article. If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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