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Tramontina vs Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Tramontina vs Lodge Cast Iron which is better? Both companies offer great cookware at an affordable prices. However, the fit and finish of these two brands differ greatly. Depending on the model you get, some can be made in China, USA or even brazil. But to tell you the truth, the underlying performance difference between these two are minimal. What is difference is the general usability, fit and finish and overall quality. This comparison will take a closer look at these two company. We will see if there is actually any difference between the two.

Tramontina vs Lodge Cast Iron Cookware Quick Summary

Tramontina Enamel Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Lodge Enamel Cast Iron Dutch Oven
ColorsRange of ColorsRange of Colors
Oven Safe450 Degree Fahrenheit500 Degree Fahrenheit
Brand AwarenessAmericaAmerica
Pouring LipNoNo
ThoughtsA great performing dutch oven. While it lacks the finish of Lodge, they will perform just as well as any other dutch oven.Overall a better choice. It’s soft corner makes stirring and whisking easier. While it cost a little more, you cant go wrong with lodge.
Reviewed CookwareTramontina 80131/075DS Enameled Cast Iron Covered Round Dutch Oven, 5.5-QuartLodge 6 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven. (Better Overall)

History of Tramontina vs Lodge


Tramontina was founded in 1911 by Valentin Tramontina. They started from a iron mill in their home. Focused on quality products, their name slowly grew from their small town. As time went on they became one of the biggest manufacturer of cookware in Brazil. In 1986, they started to branch out to America. Initially they sold knives to retailers. But now they are one of the biggest cookware manufacturer in America.


Lodge is one of the oldest manufacturer of cookware in America. It was founded by Joseph Lodge in 1896. They are known for their quality cast iron cookware that can be found even today. While the company cookware has gone through some changes, they still offer one of the best cast iron cookware on the market. They are one of the first company to offer preseason cast iron cookware. Ever since their success, others have followed suit.

Tramontina vs Lodge Enamel Cast Iron Dutch Oven

This section will discuss the difference between Tramontina and Lodge Enamel Dutch Oven. We will go through handle, shape and general performance.


The handle between these two company is quite different. Tramontina uses a more traditional loop handle design. However, the clearance on it is quite small. This makes transporting it when its filled with liquid to be unstable. On the other handle, Lodge handle is quite wide. This gives you more surface area to latch on. Both could benefit from a handle that protrudes outward. This lets you hook in your finger and get a more firm grip.


Shape wise, Lodge has a better design. Lodge Dutch Oven is more wide than tall. This lets you sear more food in a single batch. Crowded and narrow dutch oven forces you to sear food in multiple batch, extending cooking time. The interior gradient on Lodge is also rounded. This helps in whisking and stirring. Tramontina has a more traditional dutch oven design. The corner are sharp and can trap food. It is taller than that of Lodge. While their design is not bad, a wider and rounded design of Lodge is better. I will say this, Tramontina seems to be constantly developing new dutch oven. So what you get will vary. While Lodge is more stable in their design choice.

Enamel Durability and Manufacturing

Both dutch oven are enameled in China. While I cannot confirm this, this was most likely thanks to environmental regulation. Both of them experience enamel chipping issue. With Tramontina having the lesser durability. The colors from both manufacturer are both varied. However, I find the finish on the Lodge Dutch oven to be better.

Thankfully, both Tramontina and Lodge has a white interior. This lets you judge the development of the fond better. Black interior makes it difficult to judge the quality of the fond. It is quite easy to burn it and ruin your stew.


Performance wise, you will see little to no difference. This goes for all the other manufacturer including french. At its base, its just cast iron. Nothing special was done to it other than the coating. What you really want is a thick and heavy pot. This helps it hold the heat better and it will stay hot on the table. Just dont go for the lightweight model. Those perform the worst.


Appearance is subjective. But I imagine that most people who buy this are in it for the looks. Otherwise, you can just get any other pot. I personally find that lodge is more attractive of the lot. They simply have better fit and finish. On Tramontina, their dutch oven looks like it has quality issue. Although it doesn’t affect performance, it just doesn’t feel as well made.

Tramontina vs Lodge Cast Iron Cookware Thoughts

Overall, I think lodge makes a better dutch oven. The fit and finish, shape, and handle is just better. They have the finish of Le Creuset at half the price. That is not to say Tramontina is not good, they just dont as well polished. Given that, you wont see any performance difference. They are slightly cheaper than Lodge, whether that extra buck is worth it, depends on you.

I hope you like this Tramontina vs Lodge Cast Iron Cookware article, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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