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WearEver Cookware Set Review

WearEver Cookware Set is the newest line of ceramic cookware. It is cheap and healthy, perfect for what the consumer wants. But once you get past the price and marketing, the performance of the cookware leaves something to be desired. While WearEver is not really at fault, most will blame them for the durability of the coating. This review will take a closer look at the design and features of WearEver Cookware Set. We will discuss what ceramic cookware really is and why they fail.

WearEver Cookware Set (Ceramic) Review Quick Summary

WearEver Cookware Set (Ceramic)
CompatibilityGas, Electric, Halogen, Glass Top
ColorsRange of Colors
WarrantyLifetime Warranty
Oven Safe Temperature350 Degree Fahrenheit
Brand AwarenessAmerica
Country of ManufacturerCant find information probably China.
ThoughtsA cookware brand that has a long legacy. However, their recent offering does not offer quality nor durability. The saving grace is how much you get for the price you pay. Just dont expect the ceramic coating to last long.
Reviewed CookwareWearEver 2100087606 15 Piece Ceramic PTFE PFOA & Cadmium Free Nonstick Cookware Set, Red

History of WearEever

Wearever is one of the oldest cookware in America. It was founded in 1888 by Charles Martin Hall. He was a inventor that found a way to extract aluminum from Bauxite Ore. Seeing a opportunity, he partnered with Alfred E hunt a metallurgist. The company then started to sell cookware to college students door to door. Which eventually lead to large corporation buying large quantities of their cookware. In 1912, the US Marine Corp adopted them as the standard issue utensils. Although today, their brand is not as highly regarded as in the past, they still play a significant role in cookware. Group SEB a French Cookware Conglomorate bought them out bringing it under their umbrella of brands. Some of which include T-Fal, All Clad, Krups, Moulinex and more.

WearEver Cookware Set Design

This section will disucss the design and construction of WearEver cookware set. We will go over handle, construction and general performance.


The handle on the Ceramic Set is a metal design with a plastic covering. It looks like a wire loop design with a heat choke at its base. While the durability of the handle is questionable, it is unlikely to come loose due to the riveted design. The plastic handles are great because they wont get hot on the stove top. However, the biggest problem is that they have a low oven safe temperature. This pan has a oven safe temperature of only 350 degree. Which is in stark contrast with the nonstick temperature limit of 750 degree.

In terms of comfort, they arent painful but they arent really ergonomic either. It is a simple plastic handle and it did not look like they put much effort into the design.


Based on the shape and design, it looks like most of the cookware was stamped out via a hydraulic press. The good thing is that it does not seem like they cheaped out on manufacutring. Other compaines will sometimes use weird shape and design to save money on metal.

For their skillet, it is a simple french skillet design. A rounded shape with rounded interior. Not really ground breaking but usable to say the least. Their sauce pots are designed well. It is more wide than tall, this lets you sear more food in a single batch. The same goes for their saute and dutch oven. Overall, its not a bad set of of cookware. The 15 piece basically gives you a whole kitchen arsenal.

Heavy Gauge Aluminum?

The reason why manufacturer love to use aluminum in their cookware is because they are light, cheap and conducts heat really well. It is really one of the best choice to use in cookware, however they can react with acidic food. For that reason, manufacturer will often time coat it with ceramic or other materials.

Based on the description, they said it is heavy gauge. This might be true for this grade of cookware, but in commercial kitchen, they use a much heavier gauge than theirs. The reason why professional kitchen need heavier and thicker aluminum cookware is because of heat distribution and heat capacity. The thicker it is, the better it will be at smoothing out hot spot. Heavy pan also hold heat a lot better. This helps when you sear. In my opinion, Wearever cookware isnt really a heavy gauge aluminum cookware.

Ceramic Coating

The ceramic coating is what makes the pan nonstick. It is PFOA, PTFE, Cadmium and lead free. All these dangerous chemical out of your cookware! It sounds nice, but the reality is that these chemical rarely actually affects your health. PFOA is a environmental pollutant that can harm you if you are exposed to it. But it rarely if ever actually ends up in the cookware. PTFE is a chemical used in Teflon. If overheated it can cause flu like sympton but that can be easily adverted. While these chemical is ommited from this pan, those chemical is actually what makes traditional nonstick so durable. For that reason, do not expect the coating to last very long. Many users have experienced this same issue.

Ceramic coating is simply not as ductile as Teflon. When the cookware expands and contract, this cause micro tear in the ceramic coating. This eventually reduces the effectiveness of the nonstick coating. This is pretty much true for all ceramic coating regardless of the manufacturer. The best way for you to get around this is to buy it as cheap as possible. In this case, the set that you get results in 10-15 a piece. Not really that expensive if you need a full kitchen set.

WearEver Cookware Set Thoughts

Wearever has a strong legacy of cookware manufacturing. However, these days their cookware is not at the same quality. The ceramic version is nice alternative to traditional teflon. Just do not expect it to last that long. If you are ok with that, then its a ok buy.

I hope you enjoyed this WearEver Cookware Set Review. If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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