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Missouri Guberburger or Goober Burger Recipe

The Missouri Guberburger or Goober Burger is a peanut slathered Hamburger. While that may sounds a little off, most dinners are surprised by its sweet salty and peanuty burger.

Missouri Guberburger Origin

The burger was first invented by the Wheel Inn in sedalia Missouri, they have been serving dinners since the 1940’s. The original goober burger came with lettuce, tomato, peanut butter and mayo. Unfortunately, due to construction, they had to close shop in 2007. Former employee tried to reopen the restaurant but unfortunately, those too were closed.

Now, because of its fame, copy cat of the burgers have been opening all around. A simple search on google will yield quite a few restaurant near missouri. I found one on Trip Advisor. However, if you cant find one, I dont see why you can make your own. I have constructed a basic recipe to make your very own Missouri Guberburger.

Guberburger Recipe


Recipes is for one hamburger, multiply the amount per burger.

1/2 lb Ground Beef
2 Tablespoon of Smooth Peanut Butter
Potato Rolls
1 slice all American Cheese
1 Tablespoon Mayo
Optional Pickle
Salt and Pepper to Taste


1) Form the Ground Beef into a hockey puck, press a divot in the center (optional).
2) Salt the Burger before cooking
3) Heat up the griddle and sear the Beef Patty, use a brick or a cast iron weight to smash the patty.
4) Once almost done, place the cheese peanut butter on top of the patty.
5) Add some oil and toast the potato rolls.
6) Grab the bun, add the pickle then patty the mayo. Use the Optional topping of cheese if you want.

Guberburger Technique Discussion

2)There are two ways of cooking the beef patty. The traditional way is by pressing a center into the burger. When the beef patty cooks, it will form into a normal flat shape. If you dont put the divot, it will form almost into the ball. You can omit this step if you intend to smash the burger.

To Smash the burger, use a brick or cast iron weight to really press down on the patty. This will caramelized the beef patty and make a beautiful Crust.
2) Salting the Beef patty before hand, ensures that the salt penetrates deep into the food. If you do not do this, it will taste overly salty.
3) Placing the peanut butter last ensures that it will melt without burning. You want to maintain the gooey texture.
4) Toasting the Potato Roll ensures that the buns will have a nice crisp texture. If you forego this step, it will just be soft. The crunch adds another depth of flavor though.
5) How you build the burger is up to you, I find my method to be the most enjoyable.

I hope you like this Missouri Guberburger Recipe, for more recipe, visit our Recipe Page.

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