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Pan Fried Rainbow Trout Recipe with Herb and Garlic Butter

People usually shy away from any dish regarding fish. Typically its due to the fear of cooking fish or the perception that it taste bad. None of those are true in my opinion. A simple pan Fried Rainbow Trout Recipe that is fried in Herb and Garlic Butter is one of the easiest and most delicious food that you can eat. The best thing about Rainbow Trout is that the bones are soft and the meat is light. You will not get that heavy feeling like you would from eating red meat. Besides, changing it once in a while is good to develop a balanced flavor pallet.

Pan Fried Rainbow Trout

Pan Fried Rainbow Trout Ingredients

2 Rainbow Trout
Few sprigs of Thyme
1/3 cup of minced parsley
1 lemon sliced Thinly
1 lemon for juicing
3 cloves of garlic minced
Few Table spoon of Olive Oil and Butter
Some peel of lemon zest, minced
Corn Starch for dreading
Pan Fried Rainbow Trout


1) Make several Vertical Slits into the Rainbow Trout.
2) Salt the Fish then Dread it in Corn Starch.
3) Heat up the Pan with butter and olive oil.
4) Add the Rainbow Trout first then add the lemon slices, Thyme and half of the minced parsley.
5) Once the fish is brown on one side, flip it. Make sure that you see at least brown edges forming on the side.
5) Once the other side is cooked, add the rest of the parsley and squeeze the other lemon for juice. Add extra butter if needed.
6) Plate and serve.
Pan Fried Rainbow Trout

Pan Fried Rainbow Trout Recipe Technique Discussion

1) Making vertical slits into the fish will reduce the amount of cooking time.
2) Salting food ahead of time allows time for the salt to penetrate the food to get a uniform seasoning. Dreading the fish in corn starch does two things. One is to get the skin very crispy. Other type of flour does not develop a crunch that corn starch does. Two is to prevent the fish from sticking to the pan. The starch will adhere to the skin and promotes lifting from the pan. Other type of flour will work, but not as well as Corn Starch.
3) When cooking the fish, add the slices of lemon, thyme and parsley after the fish. You want to make sure that the fish get a good contact with the pan.
4) The brown edges or maillard reaction denotes that the starch skin has caramelized. Typically when that happens, the fish will release from the pan. I used a copper fish pan with tin and it released with no effort.
5) Adding the rest of the parsley and lemon at the end ensures that you get a very vibrant green color. The green will add a contrasting color to the caramelized lemon and fish giving it a visual appeal. You can add the lemon zest here as well.
Pan Fried Rainbow Trout
I hope you enjoyed this Pan Fried Rainbow Trout Recipe, for more recipe, visit our Recipe Page.

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