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Tornado Omelette Rice Curry Recipe

I first saw the Tornado Omelette Rice on youtube and was impressed by its ingenuity. In the pass, the omelette that has a gooey interior was what made omurice a internet hit. What most people dont know was that is simply a traditional french omelette. You can see Jacque Peppin make this version in the video below.

The Tornado Omelette rice is something that is truly unique and I wanted to adapt it with a Japanese Curry twist. Japanese Curry is not difficult to make at all but most think that this is something you can only get at Restaurant. I am sad to say that the secret ingredient to the Japanese curry is simply the roux cube that you can buy. My favorite is the one made by S&B Golden Curry Sauce although the one made by Vermont Curry is good also.
There has been many attempt to replicate the flavor but most lack its unique taste that the roux has. What you can do though is to boost the curry flavor with Garam Masala. By blooming the spice in oil, you can add an extra depth of curry flavor to your meat and vegetables. For those who are unaware, Garam Masala is the base by which the curry roux is made.

How to Make the Tornado Omelette

A very simple dish which relies more on technique and equipment than anything else. What you do need is a good nonstick pan. Try to use one that is not overly scratched up. If you do not have a nonstick pan, I recommend that you get from T-Fal.

Ingredients and equipment List

1) A good 10 inch non stick pan
2) 3-4 egg
3) A pair of Chop Stick


1) Beat the egg well and season with salt.
2) Heat up the pan with oil in it.
3) Once hot, pour in the egg and wait till the egg coagulate and form a uniform base.
4) Use the chopstick and bring the coagulate in to the center.
5) With the chopstick, start turning it in a circle. As you turn, let the runny egg coagulate and turn some more. The egg will start looking like a vortex.
6) While still slightly runny, remove the egg.

To get a better idea on how to do this, use this video as a guide.

Method 2

I notice that some of you might have some issue with the first method. Here is another method that I found to work. The steps are the same until part 5. Instead of turning the chopstick, turn the non stick pan in a circular motion. Keep on turning while holding your chopstick in place. The tornado will start forming.
For this method, I recommend that you use a smaller eight inch pan with two large eggs.

Technique Discussion

1) Seasoning the egg with salt before hand ensure that the salt is distributed evenly.
2) Heating up a pan with oil in it prevents the likelihood of the coating overheating.
3) Let the egg form a base then bring it in. After you bring it in, let the excess runny egg coagulate.
4) Turning it in a circle will make a vortex appearance.
5) Remove the egg before its fully cooked ensures that it has a slightly moist texture. Also, the residual heat will continue cooking the egg.

Japanese Curry for Tornado Omelette Rice Recipe

Ingredient List

1) Half the Packet of Curry Roux
2) 3 Cup of stock or Water
3) 2 tablespoon of Garam Masala
4) 1/2 lb ground beef
5) 2 Potato Cubed
6) Carrot Chopped
7) Half a onion, finely minced.
8) 2 or 3 clove of Minced Garlic


1) Brown the Meat until its caramelized, remove after.
2) Sweat the onion.
3) Add the Carrot, Potato and Onion and cook for about 30 second.
4) Add the garlic and meat into the pot and then add the Garam Masala. Add a bit of extra oil to bloom the spice.
5) Add in the packet of curry roux and let it melt a bit.
6) Add the water and cover at low heat. Stir as necessary.

Technique Discussion

1) By browning and caramelizing the meat, you are adding an extra depth of flavor.
2) Use the finely minced onion to extract all the developed fond. A finely minced onion will also dissolve in the sauce. Big chunks will remain in the curry.
3) Since Potato and Carrots takes a while to cook, it is advised to precook both of them. It will also caramelize some of the sugars.
4) Adding the Garlic and Garam Masala at a later stage will prevent it from burning. If it burns, it will impart a bitter flavor.
5) By melting the curry roux, you are reducing the time it takes to dissolve. Chopping it finely will speed up the process as well.
6) Using low heat and covering the pot will let the flavor meld and develop.

Tornado Omelette Rice Curry Plating

1) Get a bowl of Rice and invert it on the center of the plate. (Use short grain rice for best texture) If you need instruction on how to cook rice, read my article on The Perfect Rice for Fried Rice. It is the same step just use Short Grain Rice.
2) Slide on the Tornado Omelette on top of the rice.
3) Use a ladle and pour the curry around the rice. If you want a more professional looking version, I would leave the potato and Carrot behind and just pour the sauce.
4) Use Parsley, basil or anything green to garnish it.

I hope you like this Tornado Omelette Rice Recipe, for more recipe, visit our Recipe Page.

2 Comments on “Tornado Omelette Rice Curry Recipe

Jake Krajewski
March 8, 2020 at 1:42 pm

Just so you know, this dish is originally Japanese and has been called “Dressed omurice” and “whirlpool omurice” for years. Here’s an instructional video from a couple years ago!

Curated Cook
March 8, 2020 at 1:48 pm

Oh, thats good to know. I didnt know that, thanks a lot!


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