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Zucchini Carrots Squash Recipe

Zucchini Carrots Squash Recipe

I try to keep my meals balance with vegetables. Instead of using meat as the main entree, this time you can use vegetables as the star of the show. The Zucchini Carrots Squash Recipe is a simple combination of three different vegetables can make a for a quick and healthy meal at home.

Zucchini Carrots Squash Ingredients

Zucchini slice into chunk
Carrots slice into chunk
Squash slice into chunk
2 cloves of garlic
Butter or Olive Oil
Few slices of purple cabbage for garnish.


1)Lightly salt the vegetables.
2)Get a pan and add a water to just cover the bottom and steam the carrot.
3)Once the water is evaporated add oil, Zucchini and Squash and brown.
4)Once the vegetable is brown flip it to the other side.
5)Add Garlic and butter/oil and toss until aromatic.
6)slices of purple cabbage for garnish(Optional)

Zucchini Carrots Squash Recipe Technique Discussion

1)Salting the vegetable as soon as possible is important to let the salt penetrate into the vegetable. If you salt near the end of cooking, all the salt will be concentrated on the exterior and it will taste too salty. To get an even distribution of salt, I recommend a Salt Shaker this model has enough perforation to disperse salt evenly.
2)Steaming the carrot ahead of time lets it cook quicker. Carrots are hearty vegetable and takes longer to cook than squash and zucchini.
3)Getting proper browning is a result of the maillard reaction. The sugar will caramelize and produce different flavors at 300 degree Fahrenheit. Without the maillard reaction, the dish will taste bland.
4)If you add garlic during the beginning of cooking it will burn and taste bitter. All you want is the extra flavor that garlic add.

I hope you enjoy this Zucchini Carrots Squash Recipe, if you have any comments or question please leave a comment below. For more recipes, click Here.

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