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Best Mixing and Batter Bowl

For all you bakers out there, what are you doing without a Batter Bowl? They are a essential tool in baking. You need it to whip, stir and mix a variety of concoction. The most traditional bowls are those that your grandma uses, glass and ceramic. However, just because they have been used for centuries, hardly make them the Best Batter Bowl. Modern Batter bowl uses more durable material that wont etch and shatter. If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen, then I would consider looking into a new Mixing Bowl.

What makes a good Batter Bowl/Mixing Bowl

Mixing Bowls comes in a variety of shape and design. The best one are wide and relatively short. This gives you the best access to whip and stir. Bowls that are too tall can get in the way for shorter cooks. Besides, Mixing in such a narrow confined space gets old really fast. Having a wider rim lets you move and maneuver your mixer or spatula.

Rims are also a important part. They give you a handle to grip on. Bowls that have a straight tip are difficult to hold, not only that, they spill when you try and pour. There should be some sort of collar with either a rolled lip or pouring spot.

Mixing Bowl vs Batter Bowl

The main difference between a batter bowl and mixing bowl is the handle. I would even argue that most “Batter Bowl” are just large sized measuring cup. These models usually have a pouring spot at one end. Mixing bowls are usually handle less. In this case, the rims are more important.

Best Materials for Batter and Mixing Bowl

On the market, there exist a wide variety of material from glass to metal. I personally feel that there are places for each of them. My preferred choice are the metal variety. They are durable and wont shatter/etch when you use a hand mixer. Compared to other models, they are also relatively light. You can also use them as a double boiler when necessary. The downside to these bowls is that you cant microwave it.

In cases where a Microwave is necessary, I recommend sticking with a standard glass bowl. You can microwave it without much worry. The main issue that I have with them is the overall durability. Whenever I mix, I always worried that piece of glass will come chip off to the batter. As a result, I only use the whisk attachment. Ceramic shares the same basic properties of Glass. Both are heavy and fragile.

Plastic and Silicone models are good. Although I would prefer the plastic models due to its rigidity. Both models are very durable and can take the abuse. They are light and wont dig into your hand like the other model. Trust me, a bowl constantly moving around during mixing can be a little taxing on your hand.

Copper Mixing Bowls are best used for things like Egg Whites and yolk. They have special property that helps it achieve more lift. However, they can be reactive if you do not care for it. Its great to have one though, I have several…

Best Mixing and Batter Bowl List

Below, you will find a list of some of the best Batter Bowl. They come in a variety of material, choose your preferred model in each category.

All-Clad Stainless Steel Dishwasher Safe Mixing Bowls Set (Best in terms of Quality)

In terms of construction and quality. Nothing beats All Clad. These bowls have a wide lip with a single piece handle design. Since they are made of quality steel, they wont rust like some of the other brand. They are also dent resistant due to the thickness. The only thing I dont like is how sharp the corners are. I recommend wearing a glove when using them.

Vollrath Economy Mixing Bowl Set (Best Mixing Bowl Overall)

While the quality of All Clad is nice, they are really expensive. Vollrath is a large commercial equipment manufacturer. Their bowls are built to withstand the rigor of Professional Kitchen. Best of all, they are affordable. You get a set of 5 different bowls and each of them are wide for easy mixing and stirring. I would choose this out of all the other one.

Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup Set (Best Glass Batter Bowl)

Pyrex is a standard in almost any kitchen. While this is advertised as a measuring cup, you can use it as a batter bowl. The levels are painted in bright red for easy reading. Handles are large and comfortable. You even get a lid for pouring/covering. I just want to caution people, these are not made of Borosilicate glass. They can shatter if you subject it to thermal shock.

Pyrex Glass Mixing Bowl Set (Best Glass Mixing Bowl)

If you just want a simple glass mixing bowl, then pyrex wins again. Your grandma was right when they chose them. Their bowl is wide for easy maneuverability. You get a set of 3 that can nest right on top of each other. As with the other model, do not subject it to thermal shock, it can shatter.

PAMPERED CHEF Batter Bowl #2431 8 CUP GLASS CLASSIC (Interesting Mention)

It seems like a lot of people like Pampered Chef Batter Bowl. Their design resembles a traditional french cookware call a windsor pan. The good thing about this model is its wide top. However, the narrow base can get in the way of mixing. While it does its job, there are better alternatives.

Le Creuset Stoneware (Best Looking Stoneware Model)

Who doesnt like the color of Le Creuset. This model is has a generous size for pouring liquid. They come in your traditional le creuset color. But other than that, the narrow opening gets in the way of mixing. I think there are better alternative than Le Creuset for ceramic mixing bowl. But most people who buy it are in for looks.

OXO Good Grips Batter Bowl (Best Plastic Model)

If you just want a simple bowl that works, then Oxo is a good choice. It has a pouring spout and a comfortable handle. Both the base and handle is rubberize for good grip to stop it from spinning. The inside has easy to read level indicator. Although I do have trouble adjusting when I overfill. Nevertheless, its affordable and you cant go wrong.


There is a lot of options available for mixing and batter bowls. Honestly, it can be a little overwhelming. However, I personally find that those from Pyrex and Vollrath to be good option. They are affordable and wont break the bank. Other options by All Clad are great in terms of quality, but they are a bit pricey and dont outperform the other alternative. If you want a simple and easy to use plastic model, I recommend getting the OXO one. Its cheap and wont break.

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