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Best Pastry and Basting Brush for BBQ, Cooking and Pastry

Nothing is worse than bland food. By coating it with sauce you can transform almost any dish. While you can do a lot of stuff to coat the food, one of the simplest way is to use a basting brush. Much like a paint brush, a paint brush will paint the sauce on. The most traditional Basting Brush are exactly like a paint brush, but modern
silicone variation are a good alternative. They are more durable and can handle the heat. Along with the wooden one, Silicone Basting Brush are consider some of the Best Pastry and Basting Brush on the market.

What is a Basting Brush Used For?

Most people who buy a basting brush use it for BBQ. Its usually used during the finishing touch during BBQ. Some people use it during the initial stages, but that usually burns the BBQ sauce. But in these instances, you need a brush that can take the heat of the grill.

Basting Brush vs Pastry Brush

For things like Pastry, bakers will usually use it to to coat the pastry with butter. This helps it develop a perfectly golden exterior with a buttery flavor. In this instance, its best to have a relatively stiff brush. You have more control and apply it more evenly.

Basting brush are usually more for sauces. Since these sauces are a little bit more thick, its easier to apply. You dont need them to be as stiff.

Silicone Basting Brush vs Natural Brush

The good thing about the Natural Brush, those that uses animal fur, is that it holds liquid better. Stuff like Marinades or even butter is very thin. In this instance, its better to use a natural fiber brush.

Silicone Brushes tends to flop around. They are heat resistant but cant hold on to thin sauces. You need to find something that is thick to use it effectively.

Best Basting Brush List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Basting Brush available. Since there are quite a few variation, I have list the best in each category. Choose one that best suit your need.

Cuisinart CBP-116 Sauce Pot and Basting Brush Set (Best Overall)

Cuisinart Basting brush set is one of the best for grilling and BBQ. The bottom reservoir can store sauces and it can be gently heated. The brush is a silicone finish so that it can withstand the heat of the grill. However, I recommend that you wash it once in a while. It can and will take in the smell after a while. I personally have a difficult time removing the odor.

Cuisinart CBP-300 Cast Iron Basting Pot (Best for Sauces)

If you really like the sauce and want to apply plenty, then the mop like design is best. The natural fiber really soak up all the sauce. Since the fiber are very pliable, its very easy to use. You can even apply it on things like kebab. What I like most about this is the cast iron pot. You can heat it on the stove as well.

Winco Pastry Brush (Best for Pastry)

Winco is one of the largest manufacturer of Commercial Kitchen Cookware. Their product is used by restaurant all over the united state. Their pastry brush is simple and effective. It uses natural boar bristle which is perfect for applying butter on pastry. Its also very affordable. You cant go wrong with this brand.


There are many different basting and pastry brush on the market. You have the option of a natural bristle brush and a silicone variety. Both are work, however, they are suited for different task. For thicker sauces, silicone bristle are a good option. They are flexible and can withstand the heat. The downside is that they dont hold thinner sauces. For thinner things like melted butter, using a stiff natural bristle would be a better choice. Since this is a commonly used tool, commercial variety are very good option.

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