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Best Ceramic Knife Set

Knives are one of the most important tool in the Kitchen. Poor prep can lead to disaster during cooking. In fact, I would argue that majority of cooking is done via prep work. Therefore getting a good set of knives is critical. In the past, metal knives are the go to choice. But they dull and some might just throw them away. Ceramic knives are revolutionary due to its longevity and sharpness. However, this isnt true. Nevertheless, the Best Ceramic Knife Set has balanced handle and a wide assortment of knives.

What are Ceramic Knife?

Ceramic knife are unique because they use zirconium dioxide to build their knife. They are different from traditional metal knives because the blade is harder and generally stay sharp longer. One common belief about ceramic knife is that they never need to be sharpen. While that might seem to be true, its not. They do last longer, however eventually they will dull. When that happens, that when problems start to occur.

Because of how hard ceramic is, sharpening it at home is difficult. You need something that is harder than ceramic such as Diamond in order to sharpen it. Since metal is softer than ceramic, you will have little success using a metal honing rod. For most people, the only way you can rehone your knife is by sending it is. There are ceramic knife sharpener, they kind of work, but arent that great.

Another issue with ceramic knives is the brittleness. The harder the knife, the easiest it is to chip. This is true for both ceramic and metal knives. To reduce this, you should avoid cutting harder food such as bones or hard bread. That is not to say that it wont work, you will just reduce its lifespan.

How to Sharpen Ceramic Knife

The Best Way to sharpen ceramic knife is by sending it is. The problem is that it cost time and money. A good alternative is to just use to manual and electric knife sharpener. Some of them has a diamond grinding stone so that it can actually cut the blade. These sharpener will have different grit with different angles. Its not as good as a custom sharpened knife, its better than the alternative. Kyocera makes a good option with a diamond stone.

To Sharpen the Ceramic knife, hold the knife firmly. Start with the blade end closest to your hand. Place it on the sharpener and pull it back. Depending on the condition of your knife, you should start on the coarse to fine. The coarser setting is for those with a very dull blade. Finer setting will polish the knife and hone the edge.

Is Ceramic Sharper than Steel?

Yes and no. Because of how hard ceramic knives are, they can be made thinner and given a more acute angle. This will result in a sharper knife. However, how the knives is sharpened and angle will depend on the manufacturer. The more sharp they make the ceramic knive, the more brittle it will become. Because they want to reduce the complaint from consumers, its in their best interest to strike a balance between the two.

Benefits of Ceramic Knife

The main benefit of Ceramic knives are how long they hold their edge. If you only cut soft foods like fruits and vegetable, they can potentially last 5 or more years. To the average consumer, it will feel like it holds the edge forever. But if you’re working in a kitchen, you need to have the ability to sharpen the knife when needed. Ceramic knives wont give you that option.

Do Ceramic break more easily?

Yes, they are more brittle. If you accidentally bang it on a hard surface or you drop it. The chance of it snapping are much higher than steel. The bottom of the blades are more susceptible to micro chips on the belly of the blade.

Best Ceramic Knife Set List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Ceramic Knife Set. There is a few different models around, choose one that best suits you.

Kyocera Innovation Series 4 Piece Ceramic Knife Set, Black Blade (Best Overall)

This Japanese made ceramic knife is perfect for your everyday kitchen task. Its sleek black design makes it look a lot better than the traditional white ceramic. The handle is comfortable and is generally good for every day use. You get 4 pieces in this set, one chef knife, one santoku, one paring and one utility knife. While its missing a bread knife, metals are usually preferred.

Kyocera Advanced Ceramics – Revolution Series 3-Piece Ceramic Knife Set: Includes 6-inch Chef’s Knife; 5-inch Micro Serrated Knife (Best Buy)

While the Black Series is nice, its also expensive. They make a more economical version that is one knife short and one inch tinnier. Aside from that, it does not seem to be made in Japan. However, it should work just as well for a kitchen knife. At half the price of the black edition, its a good compromise between the two.

Cuisinart C55-12PCKSAM 12 Piece Color Knife Set with Blade Guards (Best Bargain Buy)

Lets face it, ceramic knives are great but they dont last. Because of that, I recommend minimal investment on these knives. If you go with cuisinart, they give you the whole knife range at a bargain price. When the blade dulls, snap or chips, its easily replaced. Plus, they have a wide range of colorful color. I also like the sheathing so that you can carry it around safely.


Ceramics knives are the new knife on the block. They can be sharper than metal knives but they arent as durable. The best Ceramic models are the one made by Kyocera. They have one made in Japan and the other that isnt. The problem is that theyre expensive and they are prone to chip. Your best alternative are the economical models by Cuisinart. For a fraction of price of Kyocera, you pretty much get the whole kitchen knife set. If it goes bad, then you can just replace it. It also wont break the bank…

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