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The Best Clever Cutter Knife and Kitchen Scissor Review

This isnt really the best clever cutter review, but it will give you some insights. This knife/scissor is designed for those who want a safer cutting experience. With its flat blade and easy to use handle, no more unwieldy blade. However, there is a danger that most people overlook. That is your feeding finger. Try to go as fast as the infomercial, and you can soon find a gouge in your index. If used properly, a regular kitchen knife is actually safer.

What is a Clever Cutter Knife?

A Clever Cutter Knife is another one of those as seen on tv product. They cater to the late night television watcher, marketing another easy to use product. A lot of times, these products are less than stellar. Performance can also be a little misleading.

This makeshift scissor is meant to be both a cutter board and a knife. Its supposed to be better than a regular kitchen shear and a knife. However, I contend that those two products are actually superior.

Does a Clever Cutter Knife Work?

Kind of…A regular scissor cross two blades for a good clean cut. The Clever Cutter Knife stops when it hit the base of the knife. Thats why the instruction tells you to do a quick snapping motion. This gives it enough momentum to actually cut through more pliable food. With things like carrots and celery, those are a breeze. However, with things like tomatoes, you are gonna have a much more difficult time.

With things like meats and steaks. They work best on meats that have been overcooked. Medium rare steak has a much more difficult time. Also good luck cutting raw meat. Then again, thats not one of their advertised product.

Is it safer?

Maybe for those who are inexperienced with a knife. With proper usage, your hand should never touch the bottom of the blade. One hand is in a claw form to prevent being chopped. Its meant to guide the blade. The other is meant to chop. With the Clever Cutter Knife you feed the food via your finger. If you try and go too fast, you can accidentally feed your finger…

With a Kitchen Shear, those are mostly designed to cut harder items. Things like chicken breast or splitting a bird. You can also cut things like hot dogs and vegetables, but those arent the real purpose. Its not meant to chop food quickly.

How to Use

To use a Clever Cutter Kitchen Scissor, use it like a scissor. However, you need to accelerate the to do a snapping motion. This gives you the best results. These scissor work best with crunchier items. Food with less skin can be cut easier.

Should you Buy one?

Its a nice gadget to have. But its not necessary. I wouldn’t use it for cutting. I find that a actual knife is quicker and more efficient. The one area where I see it being useful is in small confine spaces. Places where you cant actually have a cutting board, this is a good alternative. You can also use it for camping to use it as a lighter weight utensils. If you use it via that method, its not a bad tool to have.

Looking for another friendly and easy to use knife? Check out our article on the Best Ceramic Knife Set”.

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