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Kakigori aka Pat Bingsu Shaved Ice

Kakigori or Pat BingSu is a popular shaved ice dish found throughout asia. What the dessert consists of is finely shaved ice topped with Condense Milk and various condiments. Depending on which part of Asia you go to, you might find different ingredients. However, the most common one you will find is often condense milk with red bean.

Best Kakigori and Bingsu Shaved Ice Machine

There are quite a few Kakigori shaved ice machine around. Below you will find a list of some of the best on the market.

Great Northern Premium Quality Ice Cub Shaved Ice Machine Commercial Ice Shaver

If you are looking for the best, then the one made by Great Northern is a great choice. It is built to be used all day. The body consists of abs, brass and stainless steel for ultimate durability. The motor also features 1/3 hp of power. If you plan on making Kakigori daily, then this is your best option.

DOSHISHA Electric Authentic Fluffy Shaved Ice Machine (Best Buy)

For a more affordable option, consider the one by Doshisha. It comes in a cute Japanese style that will entertain any quest. This model is electric also so you dont have to manually crank it. One thing that you should be aware of is that the instruction is in Japanese. You might have some difficulty initially to get it to work. This model comes with two ice mold.

Time for Treats SnowFlake Snow Cone Maker (Best Hand Cranked Model)

If you plan on making PatBingsu occsaionaly, this is a great affordable option. The price is a lot lower than the other alternative and great if you just want to test it out. Be aware, that it is smaller than expect. It can be plus if you plan on traveling with it.

Kakigori vs BingSu

Kakigori is Japanese shaved ice, its the most common version that you will find in Asia and america. They look like massive desert with various color as topping. Traditional Kakigori ice is not flavored but rather rely on the syrups available. Today you can find block of ice that is already pre-flavored so that it is easy and convenient.

Korean shaved ice is known as bingsu or Patbingsu. Their version have the Kakigori version and other style. You can find variation such as yogurt, berries, fruits and more. One is not necessarily better than the other, rather they offer different flavor and texture.

How are Kakigori and BingSu Made?

Kakigori uses a a giant block of ice that is tempered to get the right consistency. They use a machine to get the very fine shaved texture. These days vendors will use a Kakigori machine that is electrically driven. However, street vendors can often be seen using a manual cranked machine.

While it is being shaved, vendors will put various toppings and syrups to get a layered flavor effect. The end result is a giant bowl of shaved ice. While you might be afraid of the health effects, it looks a lot bigger than it really is. What it consists of is mainly air.

KAKIGORI and Pat BingSu Flavors

The flavors are what you expect, strawberry, cherry, lemon, melons and more. However, in Asia, you can expect more asian type of flavor such at Matcha Green Tea with various jelly for texture. Sweet Red Bean is one of the most traditional toppings you can find. Condense milk is also often drizzle across the top for a pretty effect.

Since the traditional Japanese syrups are not common in the states, you can use regular Shaved Ice Syrups.

Kakigori aka Pat Bingsu Health and Nutrition

Kakigori is a little bit more healthy than ice cream. Since the primary ingredient is ice and not cream, there is less calories per volume. However, the sugar content should be on par if not greater than ice cream. They need more sugar to makeup for the lack of fat. However, you can easily ask the vendor to reduce the amount of syrup used. Although I recommend that you enjoy it as is, eating it once in a while wont kill you.


Kakigori aka Pat Bingsu is a fantastic desert to eat during the hot summer or even just for dessert. Its not as common in the states but sometimes you can find these shop in Asian Area. If you have never tried it, I recommend giving it a shot. Its one of the most delicious ice cream you will ever taste.

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