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Best Deep Frying Utensils

Deep Frying Food is one of the best way to cook food. It adds flavor, texture and richness. In the states, we are most known for the fried chicken. However, in countries like Japan, deep frying vegetable, seafood and chicken is consider an art. Tempura is perhaps the most difficult to master, but with the right deep frying utensils, it is manageable. The Best Deep Frying Utensils are tools that will preserve texture, keep you safe and improve how food fry.

Best Deep Frying Utensils List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Deep Frying Utensils. There are many to choose from, most of which I think are essential. However, if you have something similar that works just as well, you can omit it.

STAUB Perfect Pan (Best Pot for Deep Frying)

Staub Perfect Pan is suppose to be a cast iron version of the Wok. While it may not perform that well as a wok, but for deep frying its one of the best there is. The heavy construction means that it can maintain a steady heat. Pots which are light and flimsy will loose too much heat when you drop food in. Not only that, its wide surface means that when you deep fry, food wont get crowded. Its perfect for making tempura or other type of fried food. Plus it has a cooling rank for after you finish frying.

Hiware Stainless Steel Fat Skimmer Spoon (Best for Skimming Oil)

One of the way to keep your oil fresh is by removing impurities. Did the batter get too dark? What about left over food, skim it off with a fine mesh skimmer. This model has a long handle of 9.5 inch to keep your hand away from the oil and prevent burning. Plus the stainless steel finish means its easy to clean. At the end, there is a hook to let you hang it.

USA Pan Quarter Sheet Baking Pan and Bakeable Nonstick Cooling Rack (Best For Cooling After Frying)

Want your food to stay crunchy, then you need to cool it properly. Air flow from top and bottom will prevent it from getting soggy. Once it cools the batter firms up giving it that iconic crunch. If you just set it on the countertop, the bottom will become soggy while the top remains firm. No one wants soggy deep fried food.

GLAMFIELDS 16.5 Inches Wooden Cooking Chopsticks Reusable for Noodles Frying Hotpot (Best for Picking Up Food)

Chopsticks are great for picking up more delicate food. However, the shorter one we use at home can risk burning us. This 16 inch chopstick is designed to keep your hand safe from hot oil. While it does require some practice, you will find that it provides more control than a standard tong.

Oggi Cooking Grease Container, 4 Quart (Best for Preserving Oil)

Once your done deep frying, you want to preserve that oil. You can do this by removing all the excess food. Oggi 4 quart container will catch all the residue and let you store the oil. Unlike the other model, this is made of a heavy stainless steel finish. So it wont fall over like the other one.

Helen’s Asian Kitchen Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen Stainless Steel Spider Natural Bamboo Handle (Best for Larger Food)

Spider Skimmer is common in most Chinese restaurant. These skimmer is best for bigger food like fish, Chicken or even gluten ball. If you find that its too heavy, you can always use two to help lift it. This is a good choice when you need to drain oil quickly.

Cuisipro Stainless Steel Wide Grill/Fry Tongs, 12-Inch (Best Tongs for Deep Frying)

Cant get use to the chopstick, then use this tong. It has perforation so that oil will drain. Its wide tong also means that you can get a firm grip. However, you can easily crush more delicate food. I recommend using chopstick for smaller food. While for bigger one, these tongs will work just fine.

Best Deep Frying Utensils Thoughts

If you want to deep fry food semi regularly, then getting the right tool is crucial. Things like Tongs, Chopsticks, Cooling Rack, Pot are all essential. If you have something similar, then you can omit it. But I think if you’re just starting out, then I recommend you get most on the list. It will give you the best results.

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