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Best Egg Yolk Separator

Eggs are wonderful arent they? They can be eaten scrambled, baked, boiled and used in many baking application. However, every once in a while, you need to separate the egg from the yolk. And if you are a daily baker, its almost a daily chore. Doing via egg shell works, but using a egg separator can make your life a lot easier. The Best Yolk Egg Separator has a easy to hold handle that breaks egg white without much effort.

What is it?

A Egg Separator separates the egg from the yolk. There are usually little channels that lets the egg white separate. If the products works, the egg yolk will be left in tact. Typically, you need to run a spoon through the bottom to actually get it to separate. I find that larger eggs are more useful in these categories. Smaller eggs tend to fall down and break.

How do you separate eggs without a separator?

If you dont have the tool, you can always do it the old fashion way. Start by cracking the egg in half. Get the other half of the shell and try to scoop out the egg yolk. They are the best at separating eggs white from the yolk.

Another good tip, they are also great at extracting egg shells. If you find egg shells in your egg mix, use the shell to scoop it out.

Why Would someone use a Egg Yolk Separator?

If you only bake once in a while, then it makes no sense to buy a Egg Separator. However, if you do it daily, it becomes a chore. Having a tool to streamline it will make all the difference. This is especially true if you do it in large volume.

How to Use

To use a egg separator, crack the egg into the tool. Let it drip and run a spoon or fork on the bottom. There are some that sits on the rim, I recommend gripping it so that it doesn’t fall down. Most of the time, it wont separate without some coercion.

Models with handle are easier to use in that aspect. Let it rest on the bowl and crack the egg over it. If it doesn’t fall down, then run a spoon over it.

Best Egg Yolk Separator List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Egg Yolk Separator. They come in a few different configuration, choose one that best suits you.

Egg Yolk White Filter Food Grade Egg Divider Stainless Steel (Best Overall)

This simple ans metal model is the best overall. Its made of steel for durability and functionality. All you need to do is rest it on the bowl and crack a egg over it. If it doesn’t separate, then run a spoon over it. I find it best if you tilt it a bit so that more of the egg white run.

OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Egg Separator

For a more hands free model, OXO makes a good alternative. It rest on the side of the bowl so you can do it on a larger bowl. The plastic is more durable and prevents warping. However, it doesn’t work so well on smaller eggs. I also recommend cracking eggs on a separate bowl or surface. Cracking it on the same bowl will rock it and makes it unstable.

FOYO Vomiting Egg Separator Egg Yolk White Separator Kitchen (Funnies Model)

All the other egg separator are functional. However, this one looks like the chicken is vomiting. Its funny and it works. Plus, kids will enjoy it. If you bake with children, this is the way to go. Just be aware, the ceramic is a lot more fragile than the other one.


A Egg Yolk Separator makes life easier. Its a must have tool for those who bake daily. While it might not be useful when you only do it once a while. Having one makes all the difference. The easiest one to use are the one with a handle. After cracking it, just separate it with a spoon or fork. Other option are those who hang on the bowl, they fit on bigger rims. But the funnier one is the one that vomits. Choose one that you like best.

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