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Best Kitchen Utensil Crock

Kitchen tools make life easier. However, they dont work if you cant find it. Often time they are buried under hundreds of forks, knifes and other gadgets. Thankfully, a utensil crock can change all of that. By having it on your counter top. All your tools are on display. This makes it easy to find and most importantly accessible. However, utensil crocks are not without fault. Too light and it flies all over the place, too narrow and you can barely fit anything. The Best Kitchen Utensil Crock are the heavy one with a wide mouth.

What is a Utensil Crock?

A Utensil Crock is a open face jar that lets you store tool. Most commonly they come in metal or ceramic, however you can sometimes find other material like marble. Most Utensil Crock are stationary, but modern version might have a swivel features. Although I recommend that you stick with the stationary one for best durability.


Perhaps one of the more important thing, aside from functionality is colors. The color and design of it can throw off the look of a room. While I personally prefer the stainless steel look, you got to admit colors adds a pop. Especially if you have a set of plates from Le Creuset. They have models to match colors in their line up.

Big or Small

I personally find the big one are the best to have. However, there are times where the small ones are better. Particularly for smaller utensils such as chopstick or flatware. Since these are signifcantly smaller than tools, they dont stay well in the larger crocks. Therefore, it might be a good idea to get kitchen utensils holder in both sizes.

Metal vs Ceramic

In general, I recommend metal, they are more durable and can survive a whack. Ceramic are more fragile but they do look better. For ceramic crock holder, go for they heavy one. There are a lot of light ones that simply cannot withstand much force. Also, they move around when you grab tools. Interestingly enough, a lot of the Italians crock holder are on the lighter side…

Best Kitchen Utensil Crock List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Kitchen Utensil Crock. There are quite a few options available, choose one that best suits you.

Oggi Jumbo Stainless Steel Utensil Holder (Best Overall)

Oggi utensil holder is big and durable. The stainless steel is thick and wont move around like other flimsier model. They come in both a big and smaller size. But I highly recommend the jumbo model. While it does not have the color and pizzazz of Le Creuset, the durability more than makes up for it.

Le Creuset Stoneware Utensil Crock, 2.75 qt (Best Ceramic Kitchen Crock)

Need some color in your life, what about just matching your kitchen interior. Look no further than Le Creuset. Their timeless color will match their cookware. If you have their plates, than now you have a matching set. Just be aware, that they are on the pricier side. As of now, the blue and the red are the most popular choices.

Le Creuset Silicone Craft Series Utensil Set with Stoneware Crock, 5 pc (Best Small Size Kitchen Crock)

For smaller and more simple tool, this smaller version by Le Creuset will do the trick. Not only do you get the crock, you also get the silicone pieces. They are great for scraping bowls and making sauces. If you just want the crock, then remove it and it will be perfect holder for chopsticks, spoons and the sort. The best thing is that even though its smaller, its still solid. It wont rock and tip over like the other models.


A kitchen utensils crock is a great way to organize your tool. They make it easy to access and tidy up your space. Models that are heavy and wide are the best. I find that Oggi Jumbo Holder hits all that mark. Its wide and uses a thicker gauge of steel. However, it does not have the look are style of Le Creuset. If you’re willing to spend more, then go for Le Creuset. Theirs are heavy and more durable than your standard ceramic holder. They even have a smaller one for smaller gadgets. The silicone tools that come with it are good as well.

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