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Best Mooncake Mold

Mooncake or Yue Bing (月餅) is a desert that eaten during the Mid Autumn Festival (中秋節). Weeks prior to the festival, you can often see it for sale. Often time it will cost around 20 dollar and more for a box of 4. However, outside of these sales date, you will be hard press to find them avaialble. Your other alternative is to make it yourself. But in order to do so, you need your own Mooncake mold. To help you find it, we have included some of the best mooncake mold available.

How to Eat Mooncake

For those who are new to eating mooncake, some might assume that each cake is meant one for one person. However, these cake are dense and very filling. One single mooncake can serve 3-4 people. It is common for these cake to be cut into 4 equal pieces.

Mooncakes are traditionally paired with tea. Its great for washing down the thick green mung bean.

Fillings in a Moonkcake

The most popular type of filling is either red bean or lotus seed paste. Other variation include mixed seed and some also might include meat. For the Lotus Seed Variety, there is usually a salted duck egg. It adds a sweet and salty flavor to it. In my opinion, those are the best and my personal favorite. I always try to get more of the duck egg.

There are more variation in the type of filling, but that will depend on which region of China you are in. In the United States, most mooncakes are from the Guangdong Region.

Mooncake Crust

Traditional Mooncake will use flour and baked to a brown redish tone. They have a slight chew and this variety is most commonly found in the states. There are other type of crust where it is flaky much like the pastries you get from shortcrust.

There are some modern crust where they use sticky rice and they have a texture/taste of Mochi. While those are interesting, they are blasphemous to me. They simply do not look right. However, if you want to try it, theres nothing stopping you.

How to use a Mooncake Mold

Modern variation of mooncake molds are very simple to use. All you do is fill the empty cavity and press down. The decorative plate are engraved so each stamp will have a perfectly shaped design. Modern machine uses a similar design to mass produce mooncake.

Traditional mooncake mold is a simple wooden log. These wooden logs will have hand carved logo or design into each of them. Some will even include lettering or logos of the bakery.

To use a wooden mooncake mold, flower it well and press the mooncake into it. After it is tightly in there, invert the mold and whack it onto the table. It should release. Do not try to pick it out, that will only ruin the shape.

Best Mooncake Mold List

Below, you will find a list of some of the best mooncake mold on the market. Since there isnt much variety, just choose one that best suits you. Look at the pattern and determine whether you want a traditional or modern variation.

Mid-Autumn Festival Hand-Pressure Moon Cake Mould (Best Hand Pressed Model)

This brand isnt necessarily better than the other but its one of the more well rated one. I suspect that almost all the mold you see are made by the same manufacturer. Nevertheless, it does its job and good if you want to just get started making it. There are quite a few different pattern and shape. You should be able to find one of your desired design.

Wooden Mooncake Mold (Best Traditional Model)

If you want to make Moon cake with a Whack, then give this wooden mold a go. It has a handle for easy handling. There is three flower shape for some variety. Be sure to flour it well prior to use. Otherwise it can stick. Also, I recommend that you do not soak it in water.

Mould Press,5 Flower Environmental Wood

For more design, you can get a model that has 5 different pattern engraved. There is no handle so whacking it is a bit harder. Just stuff it in tight and when you invert it, it wont fall out. Either model works, just choose one that you like.

Best Mooncake Mold Thoughts

Mooncakes are fantastic cakes that goes well with tea. Unfortunately, the availability is limited to only a few weeks. The good thing is that you can easily make it at your home. Not only that, you get to choose your filling as well. All you need is the right tool. While I personally prefer the traditional model, I do see how beneficial the press is. Its quicker and easier to use. You should choose one that best suits your need.

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