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Best Omurice Mold

Japanese are known for many things, but one internet sensation stand out among the rest. Its the Omurice, if done by a master chef, they will cut open a omelette and reveal a perfectly gooey egg. But mastering the egg is just part of the equation. You also need a omurice mold for that iconic shape. While there are a few option available, the Best Omurice Mold are the traditional oval shape one.

What is a Omurice Mold?

A Omurice Mold is a mold shaped like a oval. There are other design such as the round one but most people associate omurice with the oval one. The ridges serve no purpose, I dont know why its there…

Since Omurice is not as well known as it is in Japan, most molds are Japanese made. You can be sure of the build quality.

How to Use a Omurice Mold?

To use a Omurice mold, fill the mold with the rice. Tap it firmly so that it will take the shape. Invert it onto the center of the plate and remove. You should get a perfectly shaped rice after.

Omurice Pan?

Mastering Omurice can be a little difficult. To solve this manufacturer have made a pan specifically for omurice. In the center, there is a oval divot while the rest of it is a standard pan. The goal is to shape it as easily as possible. You drizzle a egg mixture to make it look as flat as possible. Then you pop the rice into the center.

Quite frankly I think this technique is more difficult than making omurice itself. Not only that, you wont get the same creamy egg texture.


If you want to make Omurice, one of the most important thing is the stainless steel mold. Without it, you cant get the iconic shape. There are other shape such as the flower one, but those are better for making the Tornado Omurice. But if you have to get one, then get the Oval one. Its the one you will be making more. Plus for the flower one, you can just use a rice bowl.

Want to Make the Tornado Omelette? Check out our article on the Tornado Omelette Recipe.

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