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Best Pot and Pan Protector

While pots and pans are some of my favorite things, they take up a lot of space. One way to reduce the amount of counter space is by stacking them. However, this often leads to nicks and scratches. While pans like Stainless Steel might come out ok, teflon and glass wont fare as well. In these cases, using a pot and pan protector will prevent damage and prolong the life of your kitchen investment. The Best Pot and Pan Protector are thick and usually felted. They’re soft on the pan and wont cause it to get stuck.

How Do you Protect Pots and Pans?

By using the right utensils and protector, you can keep your pan looking pristine for years. While a Pot and Pan Protector works, the best thing you can do is use the right utensils. Things like plastic and silicone spoons and tongs are best for your pots. They will reduce the amount of scratches on the teflon.

Keeping your pots and pans exterior clean will also do wonder. If you dont, things like food and crud will get stuck. They will harden and when you go to stack your pan, that too will scratch it.

Finally, once you done the two prior steps, using a pad protector to prevent them from rubbing will protect the finish. There are many things you can use like paper or even a book, but premade pan protector pads look more neat and tidy. They are uniform in thickness and wont tilt your pan from one side to another.

How to Store and Organize Pots and Pans

I store pots wherever I can. Because I dont use the main oven that often, its my favorite place to store pots. However, cabinets will work just as well.

When I stack cookware, I like to use the reduction method. Find pots that are just one size smaller. This way they can nest among each other. These Pan Protector work best on frying pans but will work just as well on pots.

Silicone vs Felt Pot and Pan Protector Pad

There are two main type of pan protector. The Polyester Felt type and a Silicone Model. In general, I recommend getting the felt type. They’re lighter and they wont stick to the pots. When you use the silicone model, especially on tight fitting pans, they can get stuck.

The Silicone models are more durable so theres that. But I would only use them on frying pans or at least pots that have a lot of room.

What Pan Coating is Best

Out of all the nonstick coating available, hard anodized nonstick are the most durable. They are harden and generally last better than traditional teflon. Teflon, pratically, the three layer version are second on the list. They last a lot longer than the single coated model. Finally ceramic are the least durable. While they might work initially, you can expect it to degrade within a year or less. Since they are not as flexible as Teflon or Anodized Nonstick, they develop minor cracks. When that happen, they lose their nonstick ability.

I should note that all of these coating will be degraded in performance if you scratch it. I recommend that you use a barrier when stacking them.

Best Pot and Pan Protector List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Pot and Pan Protector. There are a few different options available, choose one that best suit you.

All Clad Textiles 3 Piece Set of Cookware (Best Overall)

For one of the biggest and thickest protector around, look no further than All Clad. This 3 piece set is large enough to protect 14 inch pans and larger. You get one in 14, 16 and 18 inches.

BOYAN Set of 12 and 3 Different Size (Best for Smaller Pots

Need more protector but in smaller sizes? Boyan Pan protector is one of the highest rated on amazon with over 3 thousand reviews. The smaller 11 inch protector is great for bowls that dont normally fit. Best of all, you get a set of 12 instead of just 3.

Le Creuset Felt Pan Protectors (Pretties Model)

If style is important, than nothing beats Le Creuset. They offer the same great quality as the other pads, but in a beautiful orange finish. The size of it is slightly smaller at 16 inch but should be able to fit most of your cast iron pot. You get a set of 3 in this package.

Demeyere Silicone Pan Protectors (Best Silicone Model)

If you want a silicone model, than Demeyere should be your go to choice. They are more durable then the felt model, however, they also stick more. I dont recommend these for pots but rather frying pan. Be aware, they are a bit thin, but they should do the job just fine. Great for saving space.

Best Pot and Pan Protector Thoughts

These pots and pans protector are a wonderful investment. They protect your cookware and make them last longer. They are also great for saving space. Now you can nest your pot without worry. You have many different sizes and material to choose from. In my opinion, the All Clad one are the best overall. They’re thick and large for any type of pan. However, the best value one are the 12 pack one. If you need silicone, then Demeyere is your best bet.

Looking for a nonstick alternative. Check out our article on the Best Non Toxic Non Stick Pan.

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