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Best Rice Noodle Maker Machine

If you love Chinese food but dont have a shop near you, consider making it at home. Some of the most popular dish in Chinese cuisine uses rice noodle. They can be used to make Fried Noodle or Rice Noodle Rolls. However, in order to make these, you need to have a machine. They make flat rolls of noodles so that you can either roll or cut to size. There is even a machine to make spaghetti like rice noodles. However, those are generally used for Pho. Nevertheless, we will include a list of some of the Best Rice Noodle Maker Machine around.

What to Make with Rice Noodles

Rice Noodle Maker Machines are designed mainly to make Cheung Fan. It is a Roll that has various filling, typically shrimp or beef. Although you can find some varities with dried shrimp or green onion. Normally, you can find it at dim sum restaurant. The auntie will serve it with a side of soy sauce.

Other food that you can make with the machine is Flat Rice Noodles. These noodles are commonly used in either soups or fried noodle. The taste and texture is different from your traditional La Mien. In my personal opinion, they are superior. You can also use these noodles and mix it with a variety of Thai Curry. They soak up all the spicy flavor giving the noodles amazing thai flavor.

How do Rice Noodle Maker Work?

Unlike most western cooking, Chinese uses steam to make most of their food. Rice noodles are no different. These machine will have tiers of flat tray where you spread a thin layer of rice noodle on top. When it is coated evenly, you heat the machine and steam will encapsulate the machine and jellify the rice noodle.

Other type of Rice Noodle Machine works in the same principle as pasta maker. They churn the dough and as soon as it is ready, it pushes the dough through a die. That Die will form the noodle shape.

How to Use a Rice Noodle Maker

For the Steam Based Maker, you need to prepare the rice noodle.

1) Follow the recipe per the manufacturer recommendation to create the dough.
2) Put a thin coat of oil the tray of the Rice Noodle Maker Machine.
3) Add your desired topping (If you intend on making Chung Fan).
4) Load the bottom of the Machine with water.
5) Insert the tray and heat the machine.
6) After a few minutes, check to see if the noodle is solidify.
7) If you are making Chung Fan, roll the noodles on top of each other to make a roll.

For Fresh Rice Noodles, I take it out of the box and cut it to length. You can vary the thickness to your preference.

Best Rice Noodle Maker Machine List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Rice Noodle Maker. Since these are not really popular in the states, your option are pretty limited. These machines are generally geared towards professional kitchen and lack the fine touches that consumer product has. The good thing is that they generally work really well.

FERRISA Cantonese Rice Noodle Rolls Machine (Best Overall)

FERRISA noodle machine is a standard rice noodle machine. It has two tiered so you can make batches in one go. The body is made of stainless steel to prevent rust from forming. With that being said, proceed with the manufacturer recommendation about cleaning. It can still rust if you let it soak in water. One word of caution about the handle, since its all metal it can get very hot. Remember to use a glove.

Philips Pasta Maker Plus (Best for Fresh Rice Noodle Soup)

Philips Pasta Maker Plus is a machine designed for noodles. It binds and push out noodle all on its own. There are various dies so that you can make pasta of various shape. For the purpose of pho, all you need is the spaghetti attachment. Just be prepared, this machine is a bit pricey. The Compact Model is a little bit more affordable.

Newcreativetop Stainless Steel Manual Noodles Press (Affordable Alternative)

If the Machine is too expensive, then you can always crank out fresh noodle by hand. Just be aware, that most are made by the same company. They also dont work very well. But if you are on a budget, what can you do?


Fresh Rice Noodles is something that most wont make. But if you are far from a Chinese restaurant or just want to make it yourself, this is the only option. The most traditional tray is great if you want chung fan. The only downside is the lack of options. For rice noodles for soup, you might want to consider the machine variety. The hand models are good if you are on a budget. But they dont really work that well.

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