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Best Whipping Siphon aka Whip Cream Dispenser

A whipping siphon otherwise known as a whip cream dispenser, is a device that injects co2. These devices can add fizz and lift into any soluble object. One of the most commonly used purpose is of course cream. You can often see it used in Cafes like Starbucks or at high end restaurant to create foams. If used properly, you can create different type of texture and bring your dessert or dishes to the next level. While the market is a bit flooded, this article will list some of the Best Whipping Siphon on the Market.

How to Use and Charge a Whip Cream Dispenser

A whip cream dispenser relies on co2 cartidges that you can buy. It typically works best when the liquid is cold allowing it to absorb more of the co2.

Grab the cartridge cap and turn until it is on tight. You will usually hear a hissing sound when it gets punctured. Shake vigorously to ensure that the gas gets dissolved.

Troubleshooting Issues

There are usually some problems that arises when using it. One of the more common one is gas leaking. If you feel or hear gas leaking, usually that means the the seal is on tight enough. Try turning the cap a little more, if that fails, check to see if gasket is dry or rotted. If that is the case, then you might need to replace it. Usually its recommended to store your whipping siphon cap off the container. This prolongs the life of the gasket.

Another common issue is that nothing is coming out of the nozzle. What usually happens is that the left over cream hardens and solidify. You need to clean it out after usage to prevent that from happening. To clean it, just push it out and let it soak in hot water. You can even try to use a toothpick to clean it.

Whipping Siphon Uses

There are various uses that a Whipping Siphon can do. Mouse, Cream, Hollandaise sauce, Cocktail Foam and even carbonated water are popular choices. There are even technique to make a quick Kim Chi. Generally Whip Cream Dispenser are preferred by bakers or Barista for its ease of use and precision. What I like to do is make Jello or desert in a clear cup. You can add different colored layer for a beautiful presentation. Just remember to use the correct nozzle to get the right shape and effect.

Best Whipping Siphon and Whip Cream Dispenser List

There are quite a few on the market. While I might be a little bias toward one company, they are one of the oldest manufacturer of these siphon. You literally cannot go wrong with that brand.

iSi Cream Profi Whip Professional Cream Whipper for All Cold Applications (Best Overall)

Isi is a austrian manufacturer of whipped cream dispenser. They are a preferred choice of kitchen professional. The stainless steel body and overall fit and finish is unrivaled. It is also made in Austria unlike many of the other brands. The only issue is that they charge quite a bit more than others on the market. However, that is because their product is actually nsf certified and safe for use in a restaurant.

ICO Professional Whipping Siphon (Best Buy)

If you want a cheaper alternative that can still do the job, then ICO is a great alternative. You have a wider selection of color and it comes with different nozzle. While its not NSF certified, it is TUV and LNE certified. Which is the european equivalent. Just be aware that the inner lining can wear down and its not as durable as ISI.

Otis Classic Dispenser (Best Budget Metal Dispenser)

For a more affordable commercial grade whipping siphon, otis is a great option. The tip and body is made of 304/18-8 food grade stainless steel making it less likely to react with acidic food. However, these model is not nsf certified so just be aware if you plan on using it in a restaurant.


A whipped cream dispenser or a whipping siphon is great if you are getting into drinks or baking. They add texture and flavors that you cant get otherwise. Plus its just cool to whip this out when serving your guest. Since there are different models across different price range, choose one that best suit your need. I personally think ISI is the best choice for durability and performance. But if you only use it once in a while, the cheaper alternative is a good choice.

Want to learn more about the winning Whipping Siphon? Check out our full review on ISI Whipping Cream Dispenser.

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