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Kitchenaid Spiralizer Attachment Review

The Kitchenaid mixer is one of the best tools you can have in the kitchen. They are durable, effective and versatile. You can just about get any type of attachment. One of the newer one being kitchenaid spiralizer attachment. All you need to do is pop the cover and stick it in the socket. However, is this thing any good, its not exactly cheap. This kitchenaid spiralizer attachment will take a closer look at the design and features of spiralizer.

What is a Spiralizer

A Spiralizer is a too, designed to make spiral like shape out of your standard food. One popular way of using it is to make pasta out of vegetables like zucchini or carrot. Another tourist street food favorite is the tornado potato. They use a spiralizer to get that same effect. A lot of time home cooks will use a spiralizer as a means to peel the vegetables or just cutting it into pieces. However, this doesnt always give you the best results.

How to Use kitchenaid spiralizer attachment?

To Begin using the Spiralizer, there are some requirement both on size and preparation.

This is the official size of the fruits and vegetables requirement.

“Food diameter: should be 1.5 – 3.75 inches (3.81 – 9.5 cm)
Food length: no longer than 5.5 inches (14 cm). (Cut large vegetables to fit.)”

All food needs to be sliced on either side so that the attachment can latch onto it. Food that does not get a good grip, will either not spin or simply not cut.

Begin by attaching the main contraption to the socket of your mixer. Lock it in place and grab the plastic skewer. I like to get it firmly attached to the food prior to putting it on the spiralizer. After that, attach the food to the spiralizer and select your desired cutting blade. Put the cutting blade on the other end of the spiralizer and move it towards the food. Once you get a firm grip, lock it in place. Set the speed to low to a maximum speed of six.

Once done, remove and clean with soap and water. I would avoid using the dishwasher.


Performance is the main reason why we pay extra. While Kitchenaid Spiralizer do work, there are some downfall. In terms of making spiralized food, it works great. The core is left on the gizmo and all that you are left with is cut object. However, the core is wasted on food that does not have seed in the center. If anything, you can use it to make stock.

In terms of peeling, its mediocre at best. Fruits with defined shape like Apples work great. The tension is strong and it can peel it without much issue. However, oddly shaped food like potato has issues. Sometimes the blade will just miss it all together. Another issue is the quality of the peel. Its scraggly and not smooth like you will get from a traditional peeler.

In small volume, I would argue that using a hand held peeler will be faster. However, for large volume, this automatic peeler would be better.

Kitchenaid Spiralizer vs Spiralizer Plus

The difference between these two is the inclusion of the extra two blade. The blade you get is a thin slicing blade and a extra fine spiralizing blade. Great for those who want the extra option. Price difference isn’t that much and I got the plus model.

Kitchenaid Spiralizer Attachment Worth It?

Yes and No, it does save space and its motorized. Where as most other spiralizer are hand cranked. In terms of performance, there are size limitation and the peeling isnt that great. But if you compare the performance to other spiralizer, it works just about the same. I would say its worth it if you want convenience and space saving. But this is a pretty niche product. Unless you need a spiralizer, its not worth it.

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