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Best Cast Iron Griddle

Cast Iron Griddle are great for pancakes, steak, eggs and more. They offer a wide flat surface with little to no sides. This makes it easy to flip, turn and cook food. There are quite a few different variety in the market. Most comes double sided for maximum versatility but some are just flat. However, they all work pretty well. What it comes down to is what you really need in a cast iron griddle. This article will list some of the Best Cast Iron Griddle on the market.

Best Cast Iron Griddle List

Below, you will find a list of some of the best cast iron griddle on the market.

Lodge Double Burner Reversible Griddle (Best Overall)

Lodge Double Burner griddle is one of the best on the market. It is just long enough to fit both burner. It has two sides so that you can either grill or use the griddle features. This model is made in the USA and will pretty much last forever. It also fits great on a outdoor grill. This ensure maximum versatility.

Lodge Single Burner Griddle (Best Single Burner Griddle)

We dont always need to cook a large amount of food. In this situation, a single burner griddle might be better. It has the same dual sided burner as the double griddle version. This means you can get that same grill mark or you can cook pancake on it. The lips are slightly raised so that grease will stay in the pan and not on the stove.

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle (Best for Maneuverability)

If you want a more traditional griddle, the the round version is a great choice. It has a handle for easy maneuverability and the round shape fits a stove perfectly. The only downside is that its not reversible like the other model. But you should still be able to cook your favorite food on it, including steaks!

Broil King PCG-10 Professional Portable Nonstick Griddle (Best Electric Griddle)

While its not cast iron, the aluminum is still a great heat conductor. These models are good for cases where there is no gas available. Broil King griddle provides even heat and you have a convenient and easy to use nonstick coating. On the sides, there are walls to prevent oil splatter. Perfect for on the table pancakes.

Types of Griddle

For a stove top griddle, there are two type for the home. One is the dual burner griddle. They are long enough to span two burner. They give you extra length for cooking mulitple batches of food. Great if you have a larger family. The other type is the single burner. Usually they are round in shape but comes in square as well. Both are good and both will do its job. However, I say that the dual burner is actually more versatile and quicker to heat up. You will be using twice the BTU as the single burner griddle.

Seasoning Your Cast Iron Griddle and Rust

The seasoning does two thing, it protects the cookware from rust and it gives it nonstick coating. The longer you use your griddle, the better the seasoning becomes.

There is some misconception that a lot of people have about seasoning. Namely, some think that it adds flavor to your food. While it is possible, that is not true. Its mainly a coat of polymerized fat on the cookware. It latches onto the cast iron when the pores open up during heating.

Rust can start appearing on cast iron if its not cared for properly. When the seasoning was strip or there was too much moisture, they can occur out of nowhere. Luckily, you can easily remove it with sandpaper or a rust eraser. A slight scrub will get it right off. After that, I recommend that you apply a light coat of oil to the affected area and reseason it. This will protect it from occurring again.

You can season the cookware by adding a thin coat of oil onto the pan. Any high temp oil will work but a lot like to use flaxseed oil to season it. Then, bake in a oven at 350 degree for around half an hour. Repeat as necessary. As you cook in it, the seasoning will get better and so will the nonstick performance.

Cleaning your Cast Iron Griddle

Cleaning is a little more work than your traditional teflon pan. For starter, you should never wash it with soap. Harsh soap can strip and ruin the built up seasoning. To clean it, its recommended that you get a paper towel and salt. Use the salt as an abrasive and remove any crud. You can then rinse it off and dry it off.

If that does not work, you can try a deglaze. When the pan is hot, use water to try and scrape off all the burnt bits.


There are quite a few different griddle on the market. While it seems like I have a bias towards lodge, they really do offer the best value for your money. Lodge cast iron cookware are well made and pretty much last forever. Compared to some of their enamel competitor, they even perform better. There is quite a few variation to their design, ultimately you should choose one that best suits your need. The dual burner one is the best in my opinion, but the smaller and compact models are great as well.

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