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Broilmaster Grill Reviews

Broilmaster Grill are made in the USA are some of the favorites among grilling enthusiast. Their grill grate carries a lifetime warranty to ensure you can keep on grilling for years. Unlike other cheaper grill, their grill uses a cast aluminum construction for maximum durability. However, is all this extra fluff worth the price tag? This review will take a closer look at the design and features of Broilmaster Grill.

Broilmaster Grill Reviews Quick Summary

Broilmaster H3PK2N Natural Gas H3XN
Brand AwarenessAmerica
BTU40,000 btu
Heat ZoneControlled Via Height and Smoke Shutter
ThoughtsA pretty well constructed grill. It uses casted aluminum for a heavy duty construction that can hold heat. However, the heat zones can be better. It is controlled via height and the smoke shutter. Also quite pricey for what it is.
Reviewed CookwareBroilmaster H3PK2N Natural Gas H3XN

History of Broilmaster Grill

Broilmaster has been around since 1966. What they are most well known for is their bowtie grill that allows for even heat. As time went on, they released more iterations of grill such as smoker, charcoal and even infrared grill.

Broilmaster Grill Design

This section will discuss the design and features of Broilmaster Grill. We will go over power, brisquets and how the burner works.


Power on a grill is measured by BTU. BTU is a measurement of total power output. In a average home stove, the btu is around 7000 btu. However, on the Broilmaster Grill you can expect around 40,000 btu of power. That is more than enough power to cook any steak or chicken. If the power output is too high, you can always lower it for more delicate food like fish.

At the base, the heat is distributed via their famous bowtie burner. On top of it, you will usually lay out a brisquet to help distribute the heat more evenly. They help hold heat and generally protect the burner from oil dripping. If it gets in, it can clog the outlet.

Cooking Section

The Broilmaster Grill cookes with three different cooking section. For those who are not familiar with grilling, have different section lets you control the heat better. You usually want a hot and cold section. If the grill only has a hot section, then you will get a burnt exterior with a uncooked interior.

Broilmaster uses height to segregate the heat intensity. The further away you are from the heat, the cooler it is. You should use your best judgement when grilling.

At the base, there us a smoke shutter. This will redirect the heat for a slightly cooler cooker.

Cleaning and Sticking

Much like any other grill, you need to season it for best performance. Before grilling, grab a paper towel with tongs. Dip it in oil and run it through the grates. You should do this multiple time to reduce the chance of it sticking.

If it gets really gunk, you can use a brush cleaner to really go down on it. It should remove most of the burned on char.

Cast Aluminum

Most people do not know what cast aluminum is. Much like cast iron, cast aluminum is formed via a mold. They pour molten hot aluminum into a sand mold. This lets manufacturer control the overall thickness and shape. Modern grill usually use sheet metal that are flimsy and cheaper to manufacturer. They cannot hold heat as well as the cast aluminum variety.

Broilmaster Grill Thoughts

Overall, Broilmaster grill is a decent grill. The build quality is excellent but the heat zones can be better. They dont really perform that well and the height thing is mediocre at best. What is good about this grill is the sheer power output of it. It should get hot enough to cook any steak or burger you want.

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