Best Enameled Cast Iron

Le Creuset Dutch Oven handle

The Best Enameled Cast Iron Cookware can be something that is very subjective. Colors, Price, Enamel Durability, Weight, Brand and Shape are all factors that can be used to judge what is the best enameled cast iron cookware. We will be looking at all these factors across different brand. With this information in hand, hopefully, you can make your own judgement on what is the best.

Le Creuset

One of the best known cookware manufacturer in the world. They are a french based cast iron manufacturer that has been making cookware since 1925. Most if not all of the cast iron cookware are covered in enamel. However, they also carry other type of cookware such as stoneware that are not made in France, but rather Thailand or China. Regardless, they are seen as one of the best in the world.
-Colors: They have the widest selection of colors for their Enameled Cookware, ranging from pink to palm green. What they are known for is their signature flame color. Most of these colors are usually vibrant and pastel in hue. I personally believe they have one of the best line up of all the manufacturer today.
-Price: Given the fact that they are one of the most well known cookware manufacturer, they are also one of the most expensive. The price range as for this article goes from 100-300 dollar. To check the most recent price, click Here.
-Enamel Durability:Le Creuset has one of the most durable enamel coating compared to other manufacturer. That is not to say that it doesn’t chip but it seems to have a reduced amount reports.
-Shape:Depending on the model, the handles are generous in size and there is ample amount of cooking surface on the bottom. Most other manufacturer follow the design that was set by Le Creuset with slight variation.
-Country of Manufacturer:France


Staub is another french cookware manufacturer that specializes in cast iron. Some regard Staub and Le Cresuset as some of the best enameled cast iron manufacturer in the world. They do not have the long history that Le Creuset but they do have their own stunning range of colors. Their dutch oven lids have the special spikes called chistera. It converts steam to liquid
and drops it back down to the food.
-Colors: While Le Creuset colors are more bright and vibrant, I would say that Staub is more dark and deep in hue. The colors that they represent are most similar to what you get in automotive paint. I personally think that these colors are the best type.
-Price:They are some of the more expensive Enameled Cast Iron. During black friday, you might be able to get their dutch oven for 100 dollar. But based on the average price at amazon, you can expect it to range from around 120-300. For the most current pricing, click Here.
-Enamel Durability:They have one of the better reputation for Enamel Durability. That is not to say they it does not have any chip. My personal dutch oven definitely have some paint chip missing.
-Country of Manufacturer:France


Lodge is one of America’s oldest cast iron manufacturer. Since 1896, they have been manufacturing cast iron cookware for the mass. They certainitly have the experience that newer company lacks. However, their primary cookware utensils focuses on bare cast iron. For whatever reason, their enamel cast iron cookware is manufactured in China. They perform well and is relatively affordable than other manufacturer. They offer the best value of any cast iron manufacturer.
-Colors:Their colors are limited, they do not provide the range that Le Creuset or Staub has. They do not the classic red, blue and black so for the masses, what they offer are perfect. For cooks who like some individuality, you might be a little dissapointed.

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